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Rimless Safety Glasses

Ideal for people who prefer that ‘glasses-free’ appearance. Rimless glasses remain a popular choice among people who wear contacts or prescription glasses. They add flair to your personality with an elegant, sleek design that is perfect for achieving that sharp look.

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Rimless Safety Glasses for The Fashion-Forward People


If you’re into maintaining a minimalist appearance with your eyewear or similarly don’t want them to take much attention away from your face, then rimless safety glasses might just be the perfect option for you. Rimless enables you to have so much more options than regular rimmed frames. Moreover, the aesthetic edge that it possesses over the latter is liked by many due to their ‘glasses-free’ appearance. Rimless glasses have their own set of attributes that make them one of a kind. This makes them a favorite choice among many folks who want to wear their eye accessory as a fashion statement.


When You Don’t Want People to Notice What You’re Wearing

For those people who think wearing glasses would make them look ‘nerdy’, then a rimless one should be a great option. Rectangle Safety Glasseswhich comes without rims are a fantastic option which enhances sophistication in appearance. This is a fantastic option for those who need to wear glasses for vision correction purposes. Now you can see better without having to actually wear an overarching pair of rimmed glasses.


Rimless Simply Doesn’t Go Out Of Style

Fashionable eyewear often comes in a rimless style, which is considered both classy & elegant. You can wear them with any type of outfit that you desire, be it formal or casual. You’ll enjoy wearing them as trendy glasses more than your average rimmed ones.


Rimless glasses let you reveal attractive features of your face. They are especially popular among women due to their dainty appearance.


They Let You Add More Prescription Index

Is your frame getting in the way of adding more prescription index? As a result, you might want to get rimless frames. This lets you add as much as the prescription number you want in lenses without having to think twice about limitations. You get more options to choose from. Even if you wear a higher prescription, your glasses will weigh a lot less than rimmed ones. You certainly won’t get this option in Metal Safety Glasses.



Lightweight & Handy

Besides having the added benefit of a glasses-free aesthetic, rimless frames are much lightweight & easy on your face thus resulting in a much comfortable experience even if you intend to wear them for long hours. On the whole, you’ll be able to wear lightweight frames even if you have a pair of high index RX lenses glazed in them.


ANSI Approved

Almost all safety eyewear offered on our website is ANSI approved, which means you don’t have to worry about your eyes getting injured when you’re wearing these. Having a Z787.1 certification makes it impervious to all kinds of hazards involving high-speed projectiles, foreign objects, dust, debris or any toxic liquid which may otherwise induce permanent damage to your eyes.


Overall, rimless eyewear is an ideal choice for people with a minimalist aesthetic. If you have pretty, delicate features, these type of frames are the best to go with. Moreover, you can choose them in the shape which suits your face type the best.


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