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Explore & choose your favorite safety glasses from a huge selection of branded eyewear. Safety eyewear is the perfect choice for all-round protection with added features. Sporty frames have a wraparound shape which provides a greater lateral view.

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Explore a wide-ranging variety of eyewear by category. We have tons of glasses which are This helps you narrow down your choices to choose your favorite glasses. There are over hundreds of options to choose from. Moreover, you’ll find top-drawer safety eyewear brands such as Wiley X, 3M, Hoya Prato & many more. Eyeweb also allows you to virtually try on the glasses to enable you to see how you look in all glasses by categories. There are some important types which let you browse & shop for the perfect eyewear.


Sports Glasses

Top brands on our website such as Wiley X are ideal when it comes to buying high-quality eye accessories with a sporty aesthetic. On the whole, not only your sports eyewear needs to provide sports aesthetic, but should also ensure that your eyes remain safe by preventing hazards from causing any serious eye injuries.


All protective eyeglasses on Eyeweb are ANSI approved, which means your eyes stay protected due to their lenses having a high impact resistance to guard against blunt trauma accidents. Hence, it is imperative for your eyewear to be ANSI Z87.1 compliant for shatterproof protection.


Safety Goggles

When you need an extra amount of protection for your eyes in the most unforgiving environments, safety goggles are the ideal choice. Goggles provide all-round safety with a larger protective overlay on your face, covering those areas which are often left unprotected by glasses.


High-grade brands such as 3M & Wiley X offer goggles for both recreational & workplace hazards. The latter requires by law to wear personal protective equipment. Goggles are apt where there are instances of toxic splashes of liquid or other hazards are present thus requiring you to protect your eyes in a more comprehensive manner.



When buying RX safety eyewear, it’s important to decide on what kind of lenses you want. People who want vision correction in their eyewear can go for four options i.e. single, bifocals, Trifocals or progressive. Bifocal lenses let you have a two in one corrective lenses. Folks, who have both presbyopia (long-sightedness) & myopia short-sightedness at the same time, are the ideal candidates to have bifocal lenses integrated into their frames.


There is a visible line which bifurcates the dual lenses. This lets you see objects at all distances without having to adjust them on the tip of your nose. 3M BX Dual Readers is one excellent example which lets you read fine print along with viewing any object at a distance simultaneously.



Progressive Lenses are ideal for the fashion-forward people. They appear to have a ‘cleaner’ look by not possessing the dividing lines as apparent in bifocals. Hence, you get to have a seamless visual experience without any splitting line on the lens’ surface. This lets you view objects at varying distances by having lenses to correct both near & farsightedness. All in all, progressive lenses are the perfect choice for people who don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics of their glasses.


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