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Product Description:


These glasses feature the best elements so that you can wear them without any worries. Our Wileyx Rogue meets the ANSI requirements for high-mass and high-velocity and they are also impact resistant. Moreover, these glasses also have face and nose bridges so that it is comfortable and it is protecting your eyes the best. Hence, the frame is also made of the best material which is scratch- resistant.



Product Features:


  • T shell lens coating
  • Glare Reduction Properties
  • Conforms to CSA Z94.3 protection criteria
  • 15-20% Light Transmission
  • Adjustable Nose pads




Top Reasons Why WileyX Rogue Are Ideal for Sportspeople

WileyX Rogue remains your ideal choice for a variety of reasons. The versatility offered by this fantastic eyewear is simply unrivaled. There are a ton of reasons why you should choose these RX Safety Glasses over any other sunglasses or regular RX ones. You’re getting the best of everything here, which includes comfort, visual appeal & protection. This would be a fantastic addition to your eyewear wardrobe. There is a multitude of reasons why you would want to wear these glasses during any outdoor recreation or sports activity that requires some serious eye protection.



Half-rim design is perfect for anyone who wishes to change lenses with a click of a button. Moreover, the frame comes with rubber injected temples that ensure snug fitting & prevent your glasses from sliding down or falling down even if there’s a lot of head movement involved. You also get to enjoy an adjustable nose piece system that can be used to adjust the whole frame to any face type. On the whole, Wiley X Rogue is the ideal eyewear archetype that combines elements of protective eyeglasses & sunglasses to fit your needs.



You get to choose from three different lens types. The differences lie in their light transmission levels, which serve to reduce the amount of glare caused by the sun. They also protect your eyes by blocking out UV A & B types of rays with 100% effectiveness.


Clear lenses are ideal to wear for the indoor environment & be used as a protective overlay for seeing clearly. They allow the maximum amount of light through them. You can even use them as RX lenses which are offered by WileyX Safety Eyewear Frames for enhanced visual acuity.


Light rust lenses are suitable for those environments which vary from medium to low light. They also help reduce glare in hazy conditions. All Wiley X lenses block out UV A & B types of rays.


Smoke Grey lenses are perfect to reduce the discomforting amount of light in sunny conditions. They have a light transmission level of around 12% that allows the least amount of light through lenses. This is perfect for sports enthusiasts who spend most of their time outdoors in broad daylight. WileyX Rogue gives you the ultimate choice to choose between any one of the lenses that fit your needs for any given environment.


ANSI Z87.1 Certified

ANSI requires Safety Eyeglasses to be as sturdy as possible. In case there’s a high-impact accident, lenses must not fragment into your eyes. WileyX uses polycarbonate material in their eyewear to achieve that level of safety assurance which makes them ANSI Z87.1 compliant. This makes them the safest eye accessory that you could wear outdoors. Moreover, you get to enjoy a fantastic piece of sunglasses that offers visual appeal with its wraparound shape that is sought by sports enthusiasts.  On the whole, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing WileyX Rogue as your personal protective equipment.


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