Aviator Safety Glasses

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    This timeless shape still holds a lot of relevance today for people who have a liking for vintage accessories. These ‘pilot’ shaped glasses were first popularized in the early 50s and later became a true fashion accessory for the masses. This iconic shape was also worn in the famous movie ‘Top Gun by Tom Cruise himself. Aviator Safety Glasseslets you have the best of aesthetically designed glasses along with the option to integrate either RX lenses or non-RX frame that offers you ANSI-compliant eyewear for complete safety assurance for your eyes.


    A Vintage Eye Accessory

    You can sport these glasses along with a variety of outfits, be it casual or formal, on several occasions. Furthermore, these glasses are also very functional when it comes to protecting your eyes on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in hazardous work environments, performing in sports, or partaking in any outdoor recreation, the safety eyewear available on our website is all ANSI-approved which means there’s no need to worry about getting injured when you’re wearing these aviator shaped eyeglasses. Awaken the inner icon within you by wearing this stylish eye accessory!


    ANSI Approved Eyewear Which Doesn’t Fail

    As mentioned, we only offer ANSI-approved protective eyeglasses that ensure shatterproof protection against almost all kinds of blunt trauma accidents. Lenses that have undergone ANSI testing promise high impact resistance which is an essential feature to keep your eyes intact. Having an ANSI certification is imperative especially if your workplace requires you to wear personal protective equipment as per OSHA’s standards about face & eye protection. This very shape also comes in Titanium Safety Glasses for a lightweight & sturdier frame that doesn’t get degraded prematurely.


    All glasses available on our website are ANSI-certified. You can even check the ANSI marking etched on the side of your glasses to ascertain its compliance with the Z787.1 standard. Your eyewear must have an extensive set of protective attributes to be truly considered a safety eye accessory.


    Cutting Edge Aesthetics That Suit Well For Every Face Type

    Aviator shape is an easy choice for almost everyone due to its versatility. No matter what your face type is, aviators will ensure that you look your level best & turn a lot of heads around. After all, who doesn’t like a subtle amount of attention? Thus, having aviators as your eye accessory will enable you to take better pictures of yourself on all occasions. Although initially these were popularized as pilot glasses, they later turned out be to a fashion accessory for everyone due to their mass appeal. Rimless Safety Glasses are another great option if you are among those who wish to maintain a ‘glasses-free’ appearance. On the whole, choosing aviators would be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Having a versatile eye accessory works out pretty well along with a variety of outfits of your choice.

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