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    Safety glasses with Side Shields for High-Impact

    Avoid relying on inexpensive side shields for your eyes. ANSI Z87.1-2020 certifies impact protection and there are various models, sizes, and colors to choose from. You can buy them separately or as part of the practical combo compliance package.

    The impact-resistant glasses side shields also filter 99% of dangerous UV radiation to keep you safe from all sides. All safety glasses side shields are available in multiple shades and can be purchased separately or in packs.

    The most recent ANSI standards mandate that safety glasses have side shields. The extra components on both sides of safety eyewear are called side shields, and they shield your eyes.

    Prescription safety glasses with side shields can protect the eyes from flying debris, such as fluids, wood, metal shavings, and other things. Side shields come in two varieties: clip-on and permanently fastened.

    Side Shields with Clips                 

    Simply said, clip-on side shields attach to safety glasses via a clip. The benefit of wearing safety glasses for an employee is that they can remove the side shields, allowing them to use them at home or while they're not on duty.

    These days, protective eyewear frames are so stylish that it's difficult to distinguish them from streetwear frames. Thus, clip-on side shields are popular among employees to wear outside their workplace.

    Employers dislike the clip-on side shields because they can misplace or break their side shields easily. Employers are not in compliance with safety standards if a worker uses eye protection without side shields.

    Permanent Side shields

    Permanent side shields are fastened to the frame's temple in a process known as the "t lock," which secures the side shield and prevents it from being removed. Permanent side shields prevent workers from removing them from their safety glasses, guaranteeing compliance and protection.

     Consider protection, compliance, and use outside the workplace when determining which choice is ideal for you.

    Please take note that all approved safety side shields for glasses need to be marked in a certain way to comply with the most recent version of the ANSI Z87 standard. If your side shields lack correct markings, they do not stick to safety regulations and do not offer sufficient defense.

    Easy Adjustment

    A few slight adjustments could be required to ensure the right fit after choosing a glasses with side shield. With our unique, patented side shields, you may fit bigger, average, and smaller frames.

    • For larger frames, open the sideshield until it fits the frame slightly, then install it.
    • For average Frames, install the Sideshield, ensuring it is somewhat smaller than the frame size.
    • For smaller frames, close the sideshield until it fits the frame just a little bit, then attach it.

    Simple Mounting

    Insert the left temple over the big ring of the black mounting band to fit the band into the retaining grooves and over the rear tab.

    • Firmly hold the frame and sideshield together.
    • Verify that the safety eyewear frame sits properly between its upper and bottom ribs by looking at the sideshield placement.
    • Next, carry out similar actions again on the right side.

    The temples can be folded without relocating the side shields because they are now secured to the frame front.

    Unique Features of Side Shields

    Impact Resistance universal side shields for safety glasses consist of high-impact polycarbonate material. Tested on a range of plastic and metal rx safety frames from top safety frame producers by a reputable independent testing laboratory.

    • Shown to be able to sustain the impact of a steel ball measuring 250 inches shot at 150 feet/sec at all ANSI-recommended impact points without breaking.
    • ANSI Z87.1-2020-defined lateral side coverage is provided by design.
    • During these severe test processes, neither damage to the frames nor failures in side shield protection occurred.

    The Greatest Beneficiaries Are The Employees

    Side shields allow employees to wear stylish safety glasses while outside the office and avoid the expense of buying several pairs of glasses with corrective lenses.

    They can quickly attach prescription glasses with side shield before engaging in risky activities at home or play. Side shields also offer improved coverage and impact safety, which lowers the chance of suffering from severe eye injuries, pain, and lost wages.

    About ANSI For Side Sheilds

    The purpose of an American National Standard is to guide to assist manufacturers, consumers, and the general public. Users are advised to obtain the most recent editions of any standards they employ, but the presence of an American National Standard in no way prevents anyone from acquiring, using, promoting, manufacturing, or buying goods, processes, or procedures.

    The American National Standards Institute will never interpret an American National Standard; it neither creates standards nor will it ever provide one. Furthermore, no one shall have the power to interpret an American National Standard on behalf of ANSI.

    Safety Glasses Side shields specifications

    Whether using a high-impact or a basic frame test platform, side shields must be evaluated for high-velocity compliance.

    • Sideshields must be struck at three designated locations at 150 feet per second. Certain side shields are not compliant with the 3-point impact criteria.
    • When side shields safety glasses are installed on "basic" frames, the frame does not become "high impact." However, they offer additional safety against lateral high impacts.
    • Side shields must be ranked with the Z87 mark and the manufacturer's name to demonstrate compliance.
    • The high-impact compliance is shown by these markings on the B-26+TM, B-52+TM, and PSS 33.
    • OSHA concurs that removable side shields should be allowed and that side protection does not always need to be permanent.

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    Our specialty at Eyeweb is providing top-notch safety glasses and accessories, and our side shields are no exception.

    Safety glasses with side shields, which are made by the finest manufacturers in the industry, are perfect for all customers who work in the construction or welding sectors.

    We have fashionable, very functional, and reasonably priced side shields. They come in several forms, so you're confident to get what you're looking for here.

    An extensive selection of side shields is compatible with safety sunglasses and eyeglasses to protect eyes from dust, wind, and sunlight.


    Where can I buy side shields for glasses?

    There are many options like offers the greatest safety side shields at incredibly reasonable costs. When making a purchase, always make sure it will work with your safety glasses.

    How to put on side shields for glasses?

    Certainly! This is a short tutorial on how to put side shields on glasses:

    • Make sure safety the glasses are prepared for attachment and are clean.
    • Ensure that the side shields are appropriately aligned with the frame by placing them close to the temples.
    • Make sure the side shields are securely fastened without putting too much pressure on the glasses.
    • If the shields are movable, adjust them to provide the best possible comfort and coverage.

    Remember that the attachment procedure may change depending on the particular safety glasses and side shields.

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