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Returns, Exchanges or Store Credit

At Eyeweb, we take pride in being an eyewear brand that you can trust. However, if you are not happy with your glasses, contact us for adjustment, exchange or Store Credit within 14 days of receiving your eyewear. Customers are eligible for repair, rework or replacement within 14 days after you receive your eyewear. Here are the steps for adjustments, exchanges, re-work or Store Credit:


  • 1. Login to your account, click ORDERS and RETURN.
  • 2. Complete the form and you will receive an Authorization Return by email.
  • 3. Mail your glasses back to us using our pre-paid shipping label.
  • 4. After we receive your return frames, we will begin fabrication of your repair or replacement order within 48 hours.


A restocking fee of $25 applies on progressive and bifocal lenses. We guarantee your lenses will be fabricated to the specifications that you provide. We are not responsible for lenses that are fabricated with incorrect prescriptions.


Returns within 41 Days - No Questions Asked


You can return your eyewear for repair, rework, replacement or Store Credit for any reason during the 41 days after you receive your order. We can also entertain requests for repair and replacement after this time in case of special circumstances. Simply email us regarding your problem, and we’ll get back to you.

* Why 41 days? Most brick and mortar retailers honor a 10-day return period. The standard online retailer return can be as much as 30 days. Quite simply we are not your standard eyewear retailer. We will be beat both of them put together.


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