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WileyX Safety Glasses

When it comes to cutting-edge protection, nobody does it better than WileyX Safety Glasses. Discover & buy from a fantastic range of sports safety sunglasses by WileyX in wraparound shape which promises an undeniable shatter-proof experience. All glasses by WileyX are ANSI Z87.1 & CSA 294.3 compliant.

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Wiley X Safety Glasses

Wiley X safety glasses are designed for the daredevils who need the utmost protection in their line of duty. The tactically armor designed glasses are exclusively available on EYEWEB. Our collection houses the latest range at down to earth prices. You can select your desired eyewear in various colors and lens options. Safety Glasses by Wiley X are well known for their high standard materials and compliance with international safety standards. They are a blend of style and comfort whilst being protected from all sides. The frames are designed to cover the maximum area around the eyes so there’s no chance of damage.


All frames are RX Safety Glasses. Which means you can have the lenses made according to your vision. If you are nearsighted or farsighted, your lenses can be fitted in the frame easily. But due to the special shape of glasses, some lenses may be difficult to fit so it is better to consult our sales rep before ordering in case of bifocal lenses. Prescription Safety Glasses are a must have for people who may have to endure harsh conditions at work. If you are a boiler technician or have to work with chemicals you need to keep your eyes protected. Even the slightest mistake can result in damaging the eyes or even loss of vision.


We Help You Find the Perfect Protection for Your Eyes:

Online Glasses can be bought easily from EYEWEB and it takes just a couple of minutes to place your order. If you are uncertain about how the new frame would look on you, use our TRY ON special feature to have it instantly put on your picture. You can judge your appearance with the frame on it. When searching for Safety Glasses Online you can expect to see a lot of products on our website. If you need to look for some specific frame just enter it in the search bar and the relevant frame will appear on the screen. It can save precious time and a lot of effort.


Designer Safety Glasses are the new fashion statement, especially during the harsh weathers. They keep your eyes safe from any possible harm and make you look super stylish too. Choose a frame according to your outfit and let those paparazzi mistake you for a celebrity. It’s your time to shine. Safety Glasses Prescription can be hard to read by you. Don’t sweat over it because we are professionals who deal with dozens of difficult prescriptions on a daily basis. We have a special module through which you can send us a copy and we’ll take care of the details for you.


When you look for Prescription Safety Glasses you can find EYEWEB on the internet very easily. We are a leading store with a special section for safety eyewear. If you are looking for something that is fashionable and can also protect the eyes, then you need to look no further because you have reached the right place. Safety Eyewear prevents eye injuries in the workplace. Every day hundreds of workers endure eye-related injuries during work and require medical treatment. Sometimes the injuries are so severe they can damage the eye completely resulting in total vision loss. Prevention is better than cure it is best to equip with protection than suffer the loss.


Not wearing Safety Eyewear Frame when handling chemicals is a major cause of eye damage. The fumes rising from them can cause itching, watery eyes or in the worst case, they can damage the retina. Having an unhealthy person around at work or home is hazardous to the people around him. Prescription Safety Eyewear can be completely customized according to your needs. Additional protective coatings can help strengthen the shield before your eyes. For people who work at a welding plant, wearing tinted goggles can help reduce eye strain and fatigue. The bright sparks and harmful particles in the air around you affect your eyesight.


Safety Eyeglasses by Wiley X are in compliance with CSA Z94.3-2007 to ensure complete protection. Every frame is tested rigorously to ensure high performance and ultimate safety even in the harshest conditions. The style is a critical factor when designing new frames hence every element is produced under the supervision of the experts. Prescription Safety Eyeglasses require some time to be made therefore we ship within 14 business days. If you are in need of urgent delivery, you can request a quick delivery and we’ll place your order on top of the priority list. Be sure to choose the lenses that perfectly suit your job requirements.


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