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WileyX ROMER 3


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Product Description:


Our Wileryx Romer 3 has the best matte black frame and smoke clear grey lenses to suit your style the best. Moreover, these glasses also come with a protective storage case and microfiber cleaning cloth. They offer shatterproof selenite polycarbonate lenses which give you the best durability. They are also 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion free clarity.



Product Features:


  • Night vision compatible
  • Frame Nullify tunnel vision
  • Conforms to CSA Z94.3 protection criteria
  • Rx Ready
  • UV Protection (100%)
  • Interchangeable lenses



Top Essential Wiley X Romer 3 Sunglasses Features

Eyeweb offers Wiley X Romer 3 for the everyday sports fan who doesn’t want to compromise on their looks while staying protected. Wiley X remains a renowned brand when it comes to high-quality sports eyewear that offers high-impact resistance against a variety of hazards. There’s no need to compromise on safety for looks when you can get both in this fantastic pair of Safety Eyeglasses. You simply cannot go wrong by choosing Wiley X as the ultimate eye accessory that provides a huge array of features unmatched by any other sunglasses.


Wraparound Shape

This signature style of Wiley X is instrumental in preventing tunnel vision by allowing a greater peripheral view thus translating into increased visual depth & optical clarity. The frame has nicely contoured temples that ensure your eyewear stays perched on your face even when there’s a lot of head movement involved. Rubber injected temples & nose pieces ensure a snug fit that prevents any discomfort or pain when wearing your RX Safety Glasses for long hours. Moreover, they provide a sporty aesthetic which is liked by almost all sportspeople.


Variety of Lenses

You can choose between two lenses, either Smoke Grey or Clear. This largely depends on the type of environment you’re in & your optical needs. Smoke Grey lenses are ideal for reducing glare & enhancing visual definition in bright or sunny conditions. They have lower transmission levels which prevent the maximum amount of scattered light from entering your eyes. Moreover, they also help in blocking out UV A & B types of rays with 100% effectiveness.

On the other hand, clear lenses are perfect to wear when you need the maximum amount of light to see clearly. They are perfect for reading fine texts on manuals or any other machinery when you’re working indoors. Clear lenses also work well in low to medium light conditions when there’s no evident discomfort of experiencing glare. Another positive thing about clear lenses is that they allow you to add prescription lenses for enhanced visual acuity. Overall, they make better RX lenses.  


ANSI Z87.1 Compliant

ANSI Z87.1 compliance is related to the ability of any glasses to withstand a high-impact force without sustaining any damage that could hurt your eyes. For your eyewear to provide a sufficient level of safety assurance, According to the Vision Council, sports-related eye injuries are a serious problem that affects almost half a million people on a yearly basis. Experts agree wearing ANSI rated eyewear is the ideal solution to prevent any serious injury to your eyes. This is exactly why Wiley X eyewear complies with ANSI standards regarding face & eye protection.


Shatterproof Protection

Wiley X Safety Eyewear uses polycarbonate lenses which promise shatterproof protection against hazards. Polycarbonate lenses provide the necessary amount of durability which is required to ward off any high-speed projectiles or blunt force trauma accidents. Overall, they are the perfect fit when it comes to providing high-grade protection that does the job of keeping your eyes intact in the harshest of environments. 


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