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ArtCraft Safety Glasses

ArtCraft Safety Glasses give you the best of both worlds. It combines all the essential elements of style & functionality. Protective Eyewear by ArtCraft is compliant with standards such as ANSI Z87.1 & CSA 294.3 to provide a fool-proof safety assurance against various hazards. You simply won’t regret buying safety eyewear by ArtCraft.

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Artcraft Eyewear the Prominent Features

Most activities at the professional base have a high risk of vision injury, so for keeping safe the employer's sight without any disturbance, safety glasses are necessary for the protection point of view. Eyeweb has a fabulous collection of safety eyewear in which Artcraft is one of them. Artcraft safety glasses have a series of colors, styles, and comfort. These are with a high touch of light material polycarbonate in manufacturing which makes them very convenient. Their eyewear helps to reduce the glare of reflected radiance, eye fatigued and proper for performing the task in daylight.


We have safety glasses with vibrant colors of top brands that are going to please you. With us, you will be sure to flexibility in price, service, and products. By the using of Rx Safety Glasses, you can secure your eye from harmful dust particles and improve your vision at your boring workplace. You can also enjoy the plenty of safety products with an option of prescription safety glasses. Not only will help to boost your site but also enhance your style for any occasion.


Our Online Glasses are very flexible without feeling pressure on the nose and prevent from slipping. We have the maximum collection of non-conductive glasses of Artcraft with the making of the best high impact waterproof polycarbonate plastic stuff. Eyeweb is the best supplier of safety glasses online with the caring of your trust. Our collection is for both men and women with cool colors assortment. Now say ta-ta to eye fatigue and headache by using our safety optical and enjoy our friendly customer service.


Designer lover, be ready, for the widest variety of designer safety glasses on our website. If you love smart eyewear, then we have the collection of your preferences. At Eyeweb, your search for fresh and stylish safety eyewear would positively end here. Prescription Safety Glasses is in higher demand among all fashion eyewear. We have the complete range of these glasses that will protect your eyes from vision falling for long session working. Make your work easy with this eyewear and don’t stop your working. By the using of our extensive stock of branded safety eyeglasses, you will better feel in the difference of greater clarity.


You are valuable for us, that's why we have optical at fantastic prices. Eyeweb has Anti-scratching glasses with non-breakable materials and lightweight frames with multiple styles. Prevention is better than cure, so Eyeweb wants to secure you more with the help of Prescription Safety Eyeglasses. In this competition age, everyone has to work hard for a long time sitting to complete their needs. These glasses will protect eyes from harmful rays and relax your eyes.


With prescription safety glasses, you can improve vision and get rid of the pain that causes my glasses. We have a good quantity of optical frames for the replacement of prescription glasses. These frames complete all fashion accessories and suitable for all kind of environments. All prescription Safety Eyewear (near me) has made according to the latest fashion trends. We have a large variety of styles and designs that are available for both genders. You would love to put your prescription lenses in our elegant frames. When you decide to purchase googles then would prefer that place “Prescription Safety Glasses near me” so that any issue could easily remove if have, during online buying. So friends just click we are available at your nearest place.


  • Non-conductive:

All Artcraft safety glasses meet the latest ANSI safety standard that is ANSI Z87.1-2010. Now Artcraft has introduced new non-conductive series that are fresh, exciting colors mixing, unparalleled sporty style, and provide perfect comfort. For the construction with higher strength, all eyewear has polycarbonate front and temples are made by TR-90. These products have set a new standard due to the high demand of non-conductive safety for Rx safety glasses. For example,

  • WF971 is a top-selling dress glasses colors and small size is perfect for women face. That’s why it is the first choice of every woman when they come to choose non-conductive protective frames.
  • Wf970 a sporty design, top-selling, and large size dress eyewear colors for men. This frame has become the obvious choice for anyone who selects a non-conductive protective frame.


  • Steel:

The safety glasses are the best amalgamation of stainless steel and FLEX Titanium gears and these mixing designed are for providing impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and superior strength. Its unique style is a diverse collection of eye shapes, temple lengths, and bridge design provide the perfect look. While by assuring appropriate lens positioning for strong prescriptions. Steel frames have an advantage of self-adjusting, lightweight, weight-bearing nose pads, flexible, and soft temples.

  • Fashion:

Artcraft ANSI safety glasses are the perfect fashion complement for any collections of safety frames. All styles of this brand are in demand eye shape for all category of women, men, and even in unisex style. Fronts of such eyewear are near the mounted bridge for extra length. For a comforting point of view, frames are lightweight with self-adjusting and flexible temples because of TR-90. 


  • Stainless steel features:

Famous market-proven design:

    ü  Countless sizes for perfect fit and appropriate for Rx positioning

    ü  Replacement temples with spring hinges and also available in alternative lengths

    ü  Printed temples with exude quality end pieces

    ü  Nose pads are comfortable with prescription safety glasses

    ü  Resistant to corrosion and lightweight


For contemporary and chic styling in unisex and male shape:

    ü  Several frame sizes with additional replacement of temple length

    ü  Satin and decorated finishing is the best compliment of each style

    ü  Snap-in single nose pads

    ü  Temples have spring hinges and easily adjusted with soft bend tips



EV style that is the newest addition in the custom series safety eyewear that provides incomparable value in style and of course in pricing as well. Many people are comfortable and retain happy most of the time. The lady style like WF678EV is extremely popular due to attractive colors and functional eye shape. The men style like WF679EV is the latest rectangle shape eyewear that sports a soft-wing bridge. Its bridge comfortable fit to all nose profiles. The addition of the design the highest quality model series has been market proven because of style and comfort that are the most appealing features. Other additional features are Tu-tone and satin finishing that appropriately highlight the individual style. All styles are available in several sizes in just assemble frames and there is the availability of temples length for individual fitting. 


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