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    Most likely you've heard of blue light and maybe looked into eye protection if you've ever been worried about how digital devices affect your eyes. Due to claims that they can protect your eyes from potential harm blue light glasses are becoming more and more popular. But what about blue light blocking glasses' ability to preserve eye health? Let's explore facts.

    Blue Light 

    There are numerous hues of light in sunlight each with a distinct wavelength and energy level such as red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. This spectrum of colored light rays when combined produces what is known as white light also known as sunlight. Within this spectrum of colors commonly referred to as visible light blue light is only one type. 

    Its short wavelength and high energy levels are indicated by this. Blue light is emitted by various light sources with the sun being the primary source and the source of most of our exposure. Blue light has become more well-known recently due to its association with digital screens but there are also a lot of artificial sources. 

    Blue light is released by digital screens such as computers tablets smartphones and others. Given how much time people spend using these devices and how close these screens are to the eyes there is some concern about the possible long-term effects of blue light on eye health even though this is only a small portion of the light emitted by the sun.

    The Effects of Blue Light on Eyes

    The fact that blue light reaches the retina the inner lining of the back of the eye is significant because research conducted in laboratories has demonstrated that excessive exposure to blue light can cause eyestrain syndrome which manifests as headaches neck and back pain blurry vision dry and irritated eyes and an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

    Blue Light Sources

    Blue light sources include the sun LED and fluorescent lighting electronics and digital screens on TVs PCs laptops cell phones and tablets/iPads. Eye strain and fatigue can result from using a digital device for just two hours straight.

    How Blue Light-Blocking Glasses Are Beneficial?

    Digital screens emit blue-violet light with short wavelengths. In addition to being an unwanted source of glare and visual fatigue, it scatters and misfocuses easily. You wind up straining and blinking far less than you should as a result. The best blue light-blocking glasses lessen these symptoms which is helpful. Nearly all invisible UV A and UV B rays are blocked by our Blue Light Filter glasses and they also block 94% of high-energy blue-violet light. Clear Blue light glasses can make your eyes feel more comfortable after a long day spent in front of a computer.

    Put On Blue Light-Blocking Glasses To Keep Your Eyes Safe

    We provide both prescription and non-prescription blue light glasses with premium lenses. To avoid harming the eyes wear these glasses to shield them from blue-violet light. You won't have to worry about eye strain if you work on your laptop for hours on end. To prevent fatigue these best blue light glasses also provide you with comfort. For the best protection, you can choose between our blue cut lens and our premium blue cut lens. You can now work through the day or spend hours playing video games without risking visual impairment.

    Prescription Blue Light Glasses

    Better yet you can customize any of our frames by adding our filter to your prescription lenses. We have countless styles of men’s blue light glasses and women’s blue light glasses in more affordable ranges.

    Blue Light Glasses Without A Prescription

    Without a prescription? No issue. You can get our best Blue light Glasses which are non-prescription frames with a patented Blue Light Filter lens. These glasses even without a prescription are a high-tech comfort filter that efficiently lessens the scatter glare from digital screens enabling you to manage extended periods spent in front of the computer. Surprisingly despite having a mild hue, they do not affect color discrimination. Additionally, our blue light reading glasses effectively block nearly 100% of harmful UV rays from all light sources and up to 94% of high-energy blue-violet light.

    Blue Light Computer and Reading Glasses

    This cutting-edge line of blue light reading glasses has patented lens technology that offers 100% UVA-UVB lens protection while filtering blue-violet light from artificial sources such as digital gadgets and the sun. Hence invest in a blue light style that will be your go-to everyday eyewear whether you're inside or out. offers more styles of glasses for computer use as well.

    Take A Look At Our Blue Light Glasses

    The good news is that after a long day of emails and video calls your eyes will feel more comfortable thanks to our blue light computer glasses for screen users. Blue light-blocking glasses minimize light scatter from computer screens and shield your eyes from high-energy blue light. Here are some more details about that as well as our blue light glasses with and without prescription lenses.

    Picking the Proper Blue Light Glasses

    Take into account the following elements when choosing children’s blue light glasses or adult pairs.

    • Lens Quality: Seek out eyewear with premium lenses that efficiently block blue light without appreciably changing how colours are perceived.
    • Fit and Comfort: Make sure your glasses fit snugly and comfortably to reduce eye strain and increase productivity when worn for extended periods.
    • Fashion Preferences: There are many different designs and styles of aviator blue light glasses available. Select a pair based on your lifestyle requirements and personal tastes.

    How To Purchase Eyeweb Blue Light Lenses?

    • Find a set of glasses that you like.
    • Next, Select and buy lenses. (Just as you would ordinarily.).
    • Pick the kind of prescription you have.

    Select between a progressive prescription which covers reading distance and everything in between or a single-vision prescription which is the typical prescription for near or far. Together with non-prescription lenses we also have readers (no prescription needed!).

    Select the lenses that you use. We have different types of lenses available: standard clear blue light glasses filtering and light-responsive. Blue-light-filtering lenses are available for an extra charge if you would like them.



    Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Headaches

    Due to its ability to efficiently filter out blue light, blue light glasses are a common recommendation for people who have headaches and other problems connected to digital eye strain. They may lessen the effects of eye strain, but headaches can also be caused by other factors.


    Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses All The Time

    Yes, is the simple response. Wearing blue light eyeglasses during the day or outdoors won't harm or impair your vision, but it might not always be the best option.


    Are Blue Light Glasses Bad For Your Eyes?

    Your eyes won't be harmed or damaged by blue light glasses. They are designed to do the exact opposite. The true issue is the overabundance of blue light emitted by computer screens, which is shown in studies to induce digital eye strain, interfere with sleep cycles, and lead to mental exhaustion.


    Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day?

    Wearing blue light reading glasses throughout the day is acceptable and shouldn't have any detrimental effects on your vision. Using blue light-blocking reading glasses during the day might serve to safeguard your eyes.

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