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Blue Light Glasses

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How Do Blue Light Glasses Protect from Digital Screen Damaging?


Well, no doubt we love connectivity with the entertainment world which is provided by digital devices. And a lot of people are worried about what happened to our eyes if it increases time to spend digital screen. Therefore, blue light glasses are a superb source to offer excellent protection against blue energy. Blue rays are released from all digital tools like TV and smartphones, natural source sun, and artificial fluorescent light. Before discussing blue ray’s eyewear, first of all, get complete awareness about blue light.


Concept of Blue Light:


Blue rays have a short wavelength of approximately 380-500nm than other lights of the light spectrum. So, a shorter wavelength means a high amount of energy. UV rays have the potential to damage your eyes because they contain a high amount of energy. But blue rays have less amount of energy than UV rays but enough to harm the eyes. Besides, you need some amount of blue rays because your eyes need it to see well. This amount of beneficial energy can get through the sun a natural source. But artificial blue energy that you get from all electronics and digital gadgets can enhance the exposure of blue rays in the daytime.


Remove Harmful Effects of Blue Rays by Blue Light Eyewear:


Well, your eyes need blue energy to some extent otherwise you cannot differentiate blue color. Therefore, blue rays have plenty of functions to perform your activities. For example, you may need them to enhance mood, memory, cognitive function, and mental alertness, etc.


Besides, they are helpful in the regulation of the body to destroy melatonin means the sleepy hormone which helps your body to keep rest. But the advent of the latest technology in our lifestyle means eyes are exposing more artificial blue energy for several hours per day.


This is because most of us spend enough time in front of a computer screen for entertainment purposes. Besides, too much exposure to blue energy at night time like watch videos of different programs triggers your brain and forces you to still awake. Therefore, more exposure to blue light makes it harder to fall asleep in the nighttime.


Why Do You Need Blue Light Glasses?


blue-light-blocking glasses help to decrease the blue ray’s exposure which is released from digital gadgets. Some amount of blue energy is helpful because it helps to maintain natural biological clocks. But some specific amount of blue rays has negative effects on the eyes particularly dangerous for the retina. The combination of diet, genetics, occupations, age, and lifestyle are more affected due to blue energy. Besides, it can help to the development of macular degeneration in which a part of the retina is damaged that is responsible for central vision.


The main problem with artificial light is that we are continuously looking at smart technologies. Besides, UV radiation and fluorescent screen consist of blue energy which leads to eye strain eye fatigue. Sometimes, it may lead to severe headaches, blur vision, and dry eyes when most of the time you are staring at a computer screen. Blue blocker lenses are a great choice because they offer great protection to decrease the effect and glare of the blue rays that you can get through a digital screen.


What Is the Function of Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


Although blue energy is at the lowest end in the line of the visible spectrum and its covered wavelength is 380nm to 500nm. Besides, digital gadgets release a high amount of electromagnetic radiation. Some strains of blue energy are also dominant in the sun. But latest technologies can affect your sleep pattern, and even it can lead to eye fatigue and eye strain.


No doubt blue light is vital for your body. But when blue light reaches the strain of 415nm to 455nm that is too dominant in modern technologies. Therefore, protective lenses act dually to filter and reflect some specific amount of blue light strains. Besides, yellow tint lenses can only filter out this kind of light.


Now the question is how does blue light affect your eyes?


According to one study, almost 60% of young people experience eye strain because of too much use of digital devices. After too much exposure to blue light can lead to dry eyes, irritated eyes, blur vision, and severe headache. Besides, some studies also suggest that it can lead to a specific type of cancer, heart diseases, macular degeneration, cataract, and diabetes.


Keep remembering, if you are facing such kinds of symptoms, a detailed eye exam is necessary. A detailed eye exam is also vital to make sure about any health condition before developing its maturity level. Therefore, you should visit a doctor for an entire body checkup once a year.


How Do Blue Light Glasses Avoid Eye Strain Due to Blue Light?


Well, blue light glasses are the best way to shield your eyes because they will decrease exposure to blue rays. Besides, this digital protection will help to lower down eye fatigue, and blue rays are the biggest cause of this hazard. First of all, give break to your eyes for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. Besides, you need to sit 20 feet away from your computer screen. This way will help you to relieve eye fatigue when you are working on a digital screen. But this break cannot prevent your eyes from the long-term effect of blue energy than digital lenses. Besides, you need to make sure your kids are also wearing kids blue light glasses getting a comprehensive eye exam regularly to prevent any danger.


Children must get enough break from digital devices because they are under developing system and any hazardous thing can affect their premature vision. Although blue energy disrupts your sleeping cycle. So, make sure they are not using digital gadgets before two hours when they are on their bed. When they are enjoying their spare time with the screen, make sure they are using screen protection lenses.


Do You Need Prescription Blue Light Glasses as Protection?


No, you don’t need this technology with prescription because it is in access to everyone. Sometimes they are also known as computer glasses, and you don’t need any kind of prescription. This is because protective layers of coating are applied over lenses. And the good news is you can adjust with any stylish frame prescription blue light glasses without any RX lenses. Besides, you have an option to wear them over any kind of contact lenses.


But it doesn’t lead to miss any eye exam, must go to the clinic for a regular checkup. So that you can get awareness about unexpected diseases if you get. If you are a regular eye wearer, make sure you have corrective lenses and consult with the eye care professional.


What About Progressive Lenses for Blue Light Glasses?


If you need progressive lenses, most eyewear stores have an option of digital progressive glasses with thin lenses. There is no line presence in the digital prescription progressive lenses. Therefore, you will get accuracy on three vision zone mean near, far, and intermediate distance. Besides, you can use any kind of digital device no matter at what place you keep them, you can easily view them. Such type of technology is more helpful who have the signs of eye strain. Make sure, you are approaching the right eyewear store to avail perfect pair of digital glasses.


How to Buy Blue Light Glasses?


Three important steps are included in the buying of digital glasses.

  • Choose a frame from the frame section and use filters to access the ideal fitted pair.
  • Type your latest prescription after choosing a frame, press the button for additional lenses. In case of no prescription, fill all columns with zero or click the option, I need glasses without prescription lenses.
  • Choose digital protected lenses and pick lenses according to your lifestyle.


Advantages of Blue Light Blocking Glasses:


 1- Prevent from Eye Strain:

Many people consider that blue light glasses will help to protect from digital eye strain while using digital gadgets. But still, there is no solid proof that such kinds of glasses will help against eye strain. When you use digital devices, there are multiple reasons for having eye strain. If you are spending a long time looking screen, your eyes get fatigued, and feel pain. But you must shift your focus while using digital devices when you are staring at a screen. Besides, close sitting to the screen can cause eye strain when your eyes try to concentrate on a closed image. In the case of wearing prescription blue light reading glasses, a glare produces because of surrounding reflected light, which can also lead to strain.


Well, it is easy to blame blue light that is causing many issues, but all these issues are because of excessive and wrong use of digital devices. Blue light is not the only victim of all problems. Many times when you get eye fatigue, it is the result of eye strain and blue rays damaging is still doubt.


2- Avoid Retinal Damage:

Many experiments have shown that blue energy is harmful to the retina of the eyes. Although, there is no solid evidence that shows that clear blue light glasses help decrease the threat of retinal damage like cataracts ad macular degeneration.  But you need to reduce the use of these devices to avoid more damage. It means, glasses are beneficial, but for some reason and you need to avoid looking at a screen for long hours.


3- Alternative Ways:

Despite using blue light glasses, few alternative ways are proven for reducing eye strain. Screen tips are the first thing to apply to avoid eye strain. For example, short breaks will break the continuous focus of the screen motion, and you will not face more light. You need to shift your focus for 20 seconds after 20 minutes and if possible to sit 20 feet away from your screen. It will help eyes to take rest for digital screen and allow you to change your focus towards different things.


Eye exercise is also a good option to decrease eye strain. Adjust your digital screen at a specific distance so that your eyes should be at a far distance from a high amount of energy. Besides, make sure your gadget has balance contrast and brightness. If the font of your screen is small, zoom in and make it able to read for yourself without pressurizing eyes. This method will allow you to see large images and can easily read text.


But along these options, blue light glasses are also a good option, and try to apply an anti-glare coating. An anti-glare technique will help to save your eyes from the harmful impact of blue rays. The anti-scratch coating is also beneficial because it will make your lenses smudge-free, and you can view a clear view.


Many people are concerned with the harmful effects of smart technology on their peepers. If you are very conscious about your eyes, wear blue light glasses and follow little breaks while using digital gadgets to avoid eye strain.


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