Eye Exam Expectations

When going to the eye doctor for your first eye exam you may be a little scared but mostly excited for what you can expect, and also ready to put on your first pair of Prescription Glasses Frames or contact lenses. Eye doctors also referred to as optometrists and ophthalmologists will use a wide array of examinations like having you read from a chart with letters and among other complex exams to see what kind of vision you have and what exactly you need to correct it.

First, there will be simple exams where you simply look at or read from a chart, this is to see if you are near or far-sighted. That can be followed up with an exam for checking color blindness which is performed early on in the exam to rule out color blindness as a factor in your vision. Colorblind tests will also alert the doctor to any other possible signs of issues with your vision that you may be experiencing. Then comes the cover test, where the doctor will ask you to cover one of your eyes followed by the same with the other to check how they perform separately and in teamwork exercises. Then it may be repeated by asking you to look at other objects near and far. The doctor will pick a target and ask you to look at it, these tests can indicate if you have strabismus or another type of binocular vision problem.

An ocular motility test is performed to best determine how fast and efficiently your eyes coordinate and move around, darting from one object to the other. He/She may also ask you to move your eyes back and forth between the movement of their hands or perhaps 2 objects placed near each other. Problems with your eye movement may affect your ability to properly read, your Sports Sunglasses vision, possible eye strain, and other possibilities. In another test designed to test your distance vision, your doctor may dim the lights around you, ask you to stare at an object or letter then shine a light in your eyes. This is used to best determine the amount of lens power that will be required to correct your distance vision. Based on the way the light will interact and react with your eyes, the doctor can make a close enough estimate of the type of Prescription Eyewear frame lens you need. The test is especially useful to those who may not be able to properly answer the questions related to their vision like kids for example. The eye doctor may also use another technique known as refraction, where he/she will show you one image and then another asking which may look clearer to you. Based on your answers, the eye doctor will continue to fine-tune your vision until she/he is assured that your vision issues have been solved. You may also ask your doctor what kind of Eyeglasses or contact lenses they may recommend for you as with Eyeglasses there are plenty to choose from depending on the response.

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