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    Thousands of eye injuries happening each day can be avoided if people start wearing safety glasses for kids. According to experts, around 40,000 eye injuries every year alone in the US need emergency treatment- that is, one every 13 minutes.


    These eye injuries occur when adults and kids are working around their homes or enjoying a sport without putting on safety eyewear. Kids are specifically more vulnerable to these eye injuries because they do not consider the outcomes and put their healthy vision at risk. Parents should educate and inspire kids to always put on their kid's glasses for eye safety while playing or working around the home.


    But how can kids be encouraged to wear their safety glasses? It can be done by setting an example by wearing your safety glasses every time you are working around tools or playing sports. When shopping for kid's safety glasses, let your child choose the colors and style. But make sure the safety glasses are shatter-resistant.


    There are various brands like Wiley X that offer cool colors and shapes to capture kid's attention. If your kid doesn't find a cool pair at the retail shop, you can always browse online to find him a perfect pair.


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    Buying reading glasses for kids online gives you the freedom to choose from a diverse collection from the convenience of your home. When shopping for kids, you need to consider your kid's face shape and taste in mind. Most kids love cool frames that project an animated feel. Online stores offer various collections available in different colors, shapes, and materials. You can sit with your kid and browse online for a frame that is both cool and durable.


    Furthermore, kids' eyeglasses are more vulnerable to breakage as their nose is not fully developed. As a result, eyewear may keep sliding down, increasing the chances of breakage. When buying kids' glasses frames, you should buy frames that come with adjustable nose pads or bridges that fit perfectly with their nose shape. Online stores in the US offer you to choose the frames in plastic, metallic or stainless steel in various colors and adjustable nose pads.


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    If your child wears kid's prescription glasses, you know the struggle to get comfortable, durable, and kids blue light blocking glasses. But online stores have made it easier for you to get prescription glasses for your kids. With a virtual try-on tool, your child can even try on the frames to find the most suitable with his face shape. At, you can explore our SICURO collection of kid's prescription glasses available in different colors and shapes to get your kid a perfect pair.

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