Our mission is three-fold. We strive to continuously improve our processes and services to create extraordinary value to our customers with the ultimate convenience!


Long before digital cameras were invented (1996), Eyeweb’s parent company was busy developing virtual try-on technologies for hairstyle and other cosmetic applications. These are the same techniques that we use on our websites (and license to others) to allow you to virtually try on frames. We later developed sonar-based measurement technologies for optometrist and opticians which completely eliminated eyeglass remakes due to measurement errors from manual PD rulers. This background provided the foundation for our Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement patent which is also used by major online eyewear retailers to remotely calculate the measurements needed for precision eyewear. In 2012, we released the first Safety Eyewear Kiosk application - now used by thousands of employees every day to purchase their eyewear on their company premises.

We also led the way with the first mobile APPs to allow users to capture their photos, measurements and upload their printed eyeglass prescription to our websites. These innovative use of technology allow us to meet our other objectives: Value and Convenience.


We have a great appreciation for the diversity of the average eyewear buyer and the constraints of each consumer: time, budget, computer access, patience, adoption of new processes etc. Think about how differently consumers interact with new methods:

  • Self Checkout at Grocery Stores
  • ATM’s
  • Book airline travel
  • Online Banking
  • Pay at pump (now a ‘norm’ after 20 years)

If you are a consumer with plenty of money, time and little patience you might consider visiting your local full-service optical retailer or eye doctor where you can get ‘physical hand-holding’. If you want to save a lot of money and willing to learn a new process, then Eyeweb is your eyewear answer. Like the full-service optical retailer, we will ‘virtually hold your hand’, answer all your questions, guarantee your COMPLETE satisfaction but save you 50% (or much more) on your eyewear. We provide these savings by completely bypassing the traditional distribution mark up and shipping directly to you from our optical lab. Our virtual inventory, digital measurements, micro-overhead and innovation allow us to create this extraordinary value for the next generation eyewear consumer.


We saved the best for last. The traditional Brick and Mortar retailer has a huge disadvantage because of the impracticality of servicing the eyewear buyer, 24/7. In addition, traditional retailers bear 100% of the cost of expensive real estate, payroll, health insurance, equipment, advertising etc. Our online stores are open 24/7, 365 days a year with much lower operating costs. We completely bypass all of the markups and ship directly from the optical lab to your mailbox. Our site has a much larger selection, virtually try-on technology, discount prices, guaranteed satisfaction and accessible anywhere, anytime you have Internet or cellular service. If you are willing to adopt a new process (See Extraordinary Value above), buy your Eyewear from and save a bunch of money to spend on something else – RISK-FREE.

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