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How Can You Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

How Can You Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Your eyes are facing blue light daily. Do you know how harmful the effects it has on your eyes?

What is Blue Light:

Blue light is a component of sunlight that is made up of a spectrum of different light spectrum. These light waves have a variety of colors from red to yellow to violet. Some of them are invisible to the naked eye like ultraviolet and infrared. They have different effects as they get an amount of energy. You can use Branded Safety Glasses against blue light. Blue light has a short wavelength as it absorbs a lot of energy. The body reacts to blue light the same as sunlight. Blue light can produce a physical reaction.


How Can You Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light:

All digital devices discharge blue light. But it does not affect your eyes immediately. It affects when you use the devices for the long term. Here below are simple tips for protecting the eyes from blue light.


  1.  Avoid Using Fluorescent Light Bulbs:

We always have heard that blue light is related to computers and laptops. But it is also present in the lights you use to illuminate your home. The fluorescent light bulbs are the worst culprit in this sense. They are increasing the number of eye diseases. So it would be better to use an alternative. You should use incandescent light bulbs or LED lights.


  1.  Don’t Use Devices in the Dark:

If you are habitual working on a computer or using mobile for entertainment at night and in the dark. There is a bit of bad news, you are insistent your eyes towards multiple problems. Pentax safety glasses work better in this situation. In the dark, your eyes have to focus on one light source that is available to a system you have. It creates a lot of pressure on your eyes and can cause eye strain blurred vision and migraines.


  1.  Filter App a Good Choice for Digital Devices:

If you use devices like mobile or laptop for an unlimited time, you should use them with a proper barrier. Pentax Safety Glasses are best for digital devices. If you have to work for a long time on a computer, you should filter the app. Many mobile phones are providing a special night shift app. This app shifts all display colors to the soft mode of the light spectrum. This app cannot give you 100% protection against blue light but can reduce the effect of blue light.


  1. Healthy Diet:

Like our body, eyes need some balanced nutrients to stay healthy. You can boost your vision by taking some minerals and vitamins in your diet. Antioxidants like vitamin c, zinc, and fatty acids like omega 3 should be on priority for balancing the eye’s diet.


  1.  Regular Checkups:

Instead of 20/20 vision, a regular checkup is really important to know about eye health. You need a regular checkup for eye safety and can diagnose any disease at an initial stage. In case of any problems, a doctor can recommend you for prescription safety glasses. If you already wear eyeglasses, then visiting a doctor is also very important. Eyes change their vision according to age and lifestyle.

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