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How Can Protect Eyes from Blue Light by Photochromic Lenses?

How Can Protect Eyes from Blue Light by Photochromic Lenses?

When we think blue light, electronic devices and digital screen come in mind. As we know, light composed of visible and non-visible light. UV rays are non-visible light. Visible light that can see with our naked eyes like orange, red, green, violet, and blue light. In a small amount of light from blue-turquoise from the light, the spectrum is beneficial for health.

It is helpful for sleep and wake cycle. Blue light can harmful and cause of eyestrain and eye fatigue. Excess exposure of blue light, especially outside and excess use of electronic devices cause a harmful effect. You can get Hudson safety glasses with a protective coating that is helpful for the digital screen.


Location of blue light:

Blue light is found everywhere. The main source of this light is sun and digital screen. As you come out in the sun, you have to face this light. If you are inside and using a computer screen, you are bearing blue light that is emitted by digital devices.


How photochromic lenses help against blue light:

Photochromic lenses help to protect against blue light for both indoor and outdoor places. Photochromic lenses not only help to remove glare but protect against harmful blue light. 3m eagle safety glasses are available with transition lenses. For a long time user of a computer screen, smartphones, and other digital devices may increase the risk of regular degeneration. Transition lenses can help,

  • Transition signature lenses can block 1.4 times more inside blue light than regular lenses.
  • These signature lenses give 8 times more protection against outside blue light than clear lenses.
  • Transition vantage lenses filter 2 times more blue light for indoor light than normal lens eyeglasses.
  • Vantage photochromic lenses can block 6 times more outdoor blue light than others.
  • Transition XTRActive lenses can block 2 times harmful indoor light.
  • These lenses can filter 8 times more outdoor blue light.

Now, you can get your prescription safety glasses with transition lenses and protect your eyes from digital devices rays.


Transition lenses and coating:

There are many benefits of transition lenses with the coating but the selected coating is applied on these lenses.

  • Scratch resistant:

The scratch-resistant coating is applied to the transition lenses to protect them from any accidental scratching.

  • Anti-smudge:

With this coating, transition lenses of your glasses will stay away from water stain that can cause by fogging. Mostly branded safety glasses are coming with anti-scratch coating.

  • Anti-reflect:

An anti-reflect coating is applied to the transition lenses and act like polarized sunglasses. They help to block out the glares and haze. So say bye to squinting.

Can transition lenses protect from blue light:

Transition or photochromic lenses cannot block 100% blue light. But with the help of the composition of a coating can protect eyes against harmful blue light because of dark tint. Anyhow it has not the same effect as standard digital protection glasses. Now face the light with the adaptive transition lenses like 3m safety glasses and make life more comfortable. These lenses are the most convenient solution of macular degeneration, cataract, and UV rays.


How photochromic lenses work:

Transition lenses automatically change its tint according to light condition. They convert in dark shades within 30 seconds when exposed to bright light. It all happens due to a patented chemical that is applied over it and it reacts with ultraviolet rays. The special chemical combinations are created into a special photochromic dye and this coating is applied on transition lenses. It does not effect on visual quality and can last for a long time.


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