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How Can I Find the Best Frame for Progressive Lenses for Perfect Eyewear?

How Can I Find the Best Frame for Progressive Lenses for Perfect Eyewear?

Presbyopia, a natural eye’s ability to focus because of an eye’s lens changing. Presbyopia also means you need bifocal eyewear for your prescription safety glasses. Bifocal glasses mean corrective lenses with a visible line that divides the section for different prescription power.

History of progressive lenses:

Corrective lenses have adopted great changes with the time and first progressive lenses were originated in 1907. But for they were not available for commercial vision till 1955. That time progressive lenses were unpolished and were not accepted widely. In 1972, Bernard Maitenaz established a progressive lens that has great visual clarity and cosmetic acceptability. That was a great revolution in the eyewear field that was manufactured and design for correct vision. After developing these lenses, they quickly became a fashion trend.

Why you need progressive lenses:

Still, you have a question in your mind that why do you need progressive lenses? Suppose you need to read at an arm’s length and cannot focus properly, it means presbyopia has developed in you. You need progressive lenses because these are the miracle of getting a clear vision. Now you don’t need reading prescription glasses separately along with your other vision issues.

Making of progressive lenses:

The progressive lenses manufacturing has improved their lenses and can adapt to any visual style. For example, the Varilux provides high-resolution lenses with a clear vision in all situations. They are perfect if you are involved in any sports. Visual comfort is on the top priority of progressive lenses. So there is a lot of reason to love progressive lenses. In the past, presbyopia means you have limited choices in frame selections. No doubt, the progressive lenses need more space on the lenses surface than standard lenses. Although, the eyewear trend has become a fashion trend and even people wear them with non-prescription lenses. Because of fashion houses, now eyewear is not specified for the medical term, it has become a style.

Thanks to advanced technology, due to eyewear is a fashion accessory, there are a lot of frame choices available for progressive lenses. The days have gone when people became sad on the diagnosing of presbyopia, but now a number of choices make them happy. So progressive lenses are really an amazing development.

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