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    Find Premium Safety Glasses For Progressive Lenses 


    Having multiple vision conditions at the same time can be very discomforting, especially when you have to wear multiple glasses just to see things clearly at varying distances. There are instances when you have to wear multifocal lenses. Hence, you need something that offers a one-size-fits-all solution so you don’t have to wear two glasses on your face simultaneously.

    Safety eyewear with an RX option by industry-leading brands lets you have the best of both visual acuity & high-end durability without compromising on aesthetics & comfort. Progressive lenses are a perfect blend where functionality & aesthetics meet to form a perfect lens that lets you enjoy a crystal clear vision even when viewing objects at different distances. All in all, there are several benefits associated with wearing progressive lenses:


    • Multifocals That Look Just Like Single Vision Lenses


    Even those no-line bifocals don’t come near to what progressive lenses have to offer! Essentially, progressives let you have a troika of near, intermediate & far-focused lenses. Therefore, you are wearing three different focus lenses at the same time! Moreover, the lens surface doesn’t have any visible bifurcation or ‘bifocal lines’ separating the type of lenses between them thus making your glasses seem more aesthetically appealing.

    Progressive lenses work from top to bottom, with the former offering visual acuity for far-distanced objects and the latter for near. They are a far superior option than having bifocals, which only have two powers (near & far). The middle area of progressives offers vision correction for intermediate distances. Therefore, you’re left with no need to buy any other type of glasses when you have progressives glazed in your eyewear. On the whole, you need progressive lenses for a seamless viewing experience at three different distances.


    • For an Aesthetic Look


    Progressives are an excellent choice to include in Sports Glasses that offer the option to add RX lenses. They are the ideal choice for fashion-forward people who are conscious of their appearance. Moreover, it also prevents any jumps caused by the dividing line which is otherwise found in bifocals. This translates to increased comfort while viewing objects & a youthful look.


    Why ANSI Certification Is So Important?

    When progressives, that are ANSI approved, are added to frames, they truly become a gem of an eye accessory for those requiring vision correction. In essence, having ANSI approval is a critical component for any protective eyewear. So much so that workplaces require any kind of personal protective equipment to offer the required level of safety assurance as stipulated by OSHA’s rules & regulations.

    Polycarbonate Lenses which are subjected to ANSI testing promise robustness & a high resistance against high-impact accidents. This makes them practically indestructible against any blunt trauma hazards such as high-speed projectiles or any foreign objects that can leave you potentially blinded. On the whole, progressive lenses ensure you look your level best without compromising on vision correction.


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