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Product Description:


WileyX Guard Advanced offers shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that meet the criteria of ANSI. These glasses offer the best stylish and comforting wear. Hence, these glasses also have a half-rim frame and rubber temple tips. They are scratch-resistant and the side shields are removable. These are the perfect choice for you if you love sports gear.


Product Features:


  • Double-injected rubber temples
  • UV Protection (100%)
  • T-shell coating on lenses
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Shatterproof selenite
  • Distortion-free clarity
  • Meet OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standards


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Frame Information
RimFull Rim
Eye Size76
Frame SizeL



All that You Need to Know About WileyX Guard Advanced

WileyX Guard comes in an exciting range of lenses & functionality that makes it the ideal choice for people who are always ready for the next outdoor escapade. By choosing these glasses, you’ll be enjoying cutting-edge functionality that comes in a style that cannot be ignored by anyone. It’s time to chuck out your old pair of sunglasses because once you get to know what WileyX Guard sports sunglasses have to offer, you’ll find yourself in an awe-inspired mood to get these frames for yourself as soon as possible. Let’s look at what these frames have to offer:


Multiple Lenses, One Frame

With a unique locking system that works well with these half-rimmed sunglasses, you’d be able to switch between multiple lenses of different light transmission levels to see better in all kinds of environments. This is a fantastic option if you come across different light conditions throughout the day without having to carry a separate pair of glasses just to see clearly. Each lens can filter out unnecessary light or amplify color contrast for a superior optical experience. There are three lens options available:

  • Clear: Have the maximum percentage of light transmission (89%), hence perfect for wearing when being indoors or outdoors in cloudy weather.
  • Smoke Grey: Ideal to wear in bright/sunny conditions as they have a low light transmission level (14%). Excellent to prevent glare & UV A/B types of radiation that are caused by sunlight.
  • Light Rust: You can equip your frames with these lenses when outdoors, in medium to low light conditions (53% light transmission).


WileyX Advanced lets you switch between any of these lenses seamlessly with a single click mechanism. Hence, there’s no need to carry multiple pairs of sunglasses during your journey when you have WileyX Guard Advanced as your favorite sports eyewear.


Frame Style & Comfort

WileyX’s wraparound shape provides a greater lateral view along with protection which increases your performance via increased awareness of your surroundings. This signature shape – available in a majority of WileyX Safety Sunglasses – provides a sporty aesthetic that results in a sharp appearance.


 With regards to comfort, rubber-injected temples let your glasses stay perched without sliding forward or falling off from your face. The temples are nicely curved to provide a snug fit. There’s an X lock nose piece that allows smooth interchangeability of lenses along with adjustability of the nose piece at the angle that fits you best.


Shatterproof Protection

Wiley X’s very own Selenite material means that your lens is almost indestructible by having a high-impact resistance to guard your eyes against any blunt trauma accidents. All WileyX Protective Eyeglasses are made out of polycarbonate lenses which makes them ANSI Z87.1 compliant to provide shatterproof safety assurance to the wearer.

On the whole, WileyX Guard Advanced is an easy favorite among sports enthusiasts & people with active lifestyles who don’t want to compromise on style & functionality at the same time.


To ensure your frames fit perfectly, you first have to determine which size frames are best for you. The best place to start is with the measurements on a pair you already own. You know those little numbers on the inside of its temple? That's what you're looking for. The frame measurements appear in the following order: lens width, bridge width, and temple length.

Frame Width

Frame Width

To find frame width, measure the front of the frame from screw to screw

Temple Length

Temple Length

Temple length is the measurement in millimeters of the ‘arms' of the frame. This measurement does not vary as much as the others, with 135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm being the most common options.

Lens Height and Width

Lens Height and Width

Lens height is the distance from the top of a lens to the bottom. Lens Width is the distance from the left side of a lens to the right side.

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