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WileyX Saint


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Enjoy wearing the special WileyX saint while at work or a party. It has all the features you need. The special eyewear is wonderfully designed and has T-shell coated lenses that are perfect for a clear vision. It meets OSHA safety standards and is compliant to MIL- PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standard as well.




WileyX Saint Offers Superior Optical Experience & Protection

WileyX Saint is everything that you need out of protective eyewear that does the job of saving your eyes even in the harshest of conditions. Hazards posed by mother nature don’t stand a chance when you’re wearing WileyX eyewear. You can count on these sunglasses without having to think twice about their safety assurance. Eye safety is something that everyone ought to take seriously before it becomes too late. Nevertheless, WileyX remains the go-to option for most people who want to enjoy their adventures without compromising on eye safety.


Lightweight Yet Extremely Sturdy

The frame is deceptively lean which doesn’t compromise on safety at all. You can wear WileyX Saint all day without experiencing any discomfort around your temples. The impressive thing about WileyX the ergonomics which allow them to sit on your face for as long as you want. Temples are rubber injected to achieve a snug fit & provide a seamless experience. Overall, the frame wouldn’t break or get disfigured even after withstanding a high impact force.


Polycarbonate Lenses

WileyX uses its very own shatterproof Selenite material in their lenses. It is essentially a polycarbonate material that boasts greater protection than plastic or glass. Moreover, it is also lighter in weight thus making you feel comfortable in your favorite WileyX RX Safety Glasses. WileyX Saint stands tough against hazards like high-speed projectiles & other foreign objects that can easily induce irreparable damages to your eyes otherwise.


Polycarbonate lenses play a vital role in complying with ANSI Z87.1 standard. This is because of their shatterproof ability which offers a higher level of safety assurance than glass or plastic lenses. On the other hand, you might be putting your eyes at an even greater danger of getting injured by wearing glass lenses. Hence, regular Prescription Eyewearis simply no match up against WileyX’s prowess.


Filter 8 Polarized Technology

Polarized lenses are crucial in averting away any glare caused by sunlight & blocking out UV A & B types of rays. Moreover, they help in increasing your visual definition & providing an accurate color contrast. WileyX Saint comes in the following colors:

  • Polarized Blue Mirror
  • Smoke Grey
  • Polarized Green Gloss

There are certain levels of light transmission associated with a certain kind of color. For instance, the green gloss lenses provide 12% of light transmission, which means they reduce a greater amount of light entering through the lens. This means they’re ideal to wear in bright conditions for visual clarity.


WileyX’s Filter 8 Technology means you get to enjoy a greater level of optical experience. This is done by adding several other lens coatings that contribute towards the longevity of your eyewear & amplifying the safety assurance offered. For instance, the T-Shell Anti-scratch coating is vital when it comes to preventing abrasions from ruining the lens surface & increasing the shelf life of your Branded Safety Glasses, thus reducing the cost of buying a new one as well.


On the whole, WileyX is your average sportsperson's favorite eyewear to sport on most occasions. The variety of features that you get to enjoy are simply unrivaled.


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