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Product Description

Searching for the best eyewear for outdoor activities, sports, or fishing? The Wiley X peak is an optimum solution for your needs. This eyewear remains the prior choice of customers that love fishing and outdoor activities due to their matchless USPs.


Product Features

-          Attractive Polarized Lenses

-          Lightweight

-          Minimize glare

-          UV protection

-          Perfect Fitting

-          Soft nose pads


What Makes WILEY X PEAK Sunglasses Exceptional?

WileyX Peak comes in a style that makes it a favorite among sports enthusiasts & pro athletes for a sporty look & high-grade safety assurance. It’s time to get rid of your old sunglasses because these safety sunglasses offer so much value in terms of protective attributes & aesthetics. There is a wealth of features offered by WileyX for a superior optical experience to help you stay focused on your pursuits while your eyes stay protected. It’s worth having a closer look at what you get from buying WileyX Peak:


Sporty Aesthetics

WileyX Peak is created with the idea to be the perfect eye accessory for people heavily involved in sports. It offers functionality with a signature style that has become a part of its identity. These frames can be sported on most occasions, especially when being outdoors during any recreation with a visual appeal that’ll help you easily stand out from the crowd. The remarkable thing about WileyX is the versatility you get in terms of looks & style. Sporty shape provides a sharp look that cannot be easily ignored by anyone. The glasses’ side temples are carved in a way to provide a lean appearance & amplify your style. Overall, it’s important to have glasses that resonate with your sense of fashion & personality & WileyX does just that. 


Polarized Lenses

With Matte Black frame, WileyX Peak provides polarized blue mirror lenses to provide an unrivaled visual experience. The very polarized lenses serve to protect your eyes, enhance your vision & provide an accurate color contrast to see without any obstruction in broad daylight. They help prevent UV A/B types of rays that are contained in sunlight. These are a lot different than regular tinted lenses that don’t offer the required level of protection against any harmful UV rays. Moreover, polarized lenses are perceived to be a part of providing that aforementioned sporty aesthetic to elevate your style game. 


WileyX’s Filter 8 technology uses polarized lenses that involve using multiple layers of lenses to provide cutting edge protection to the wearer. There are layers of lens coatings & shatterproof lenses combined to form one solid lens that offers the best of everything. Your regular sunglasses lenses may also have some sort of polarization in them. However, they lack the required level of durability as these Sports Safety Sunglasses to keep your eyes protected on the go.


Shatterproof Selenite Lenses

ANSI Z87.1 compliance requires all WileyX sports eyewear to provide shatterproof safety assurance against hazards as projectiles, debris, foreign objects or any other accident that involves blunt force trauma. These lenses must have a high impact resistance which prevents them from getting damaged or dislocated. Polycarbonate material is ten times sturdier than regular plastic or glass which makes it a staple element in making lenses for WileyX glasses. 


On the whole, WileyX Peak is the perfect choice for people who know that a sporty aesthetic suits them. Feel free to explore other options as well because WileyX eyewear has something for everyone. 


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