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Benefits Offered by Pentax Safety Glasses

Benefits Offered by Pentax Safety Glasses

Pentax stands as the pioneer among providers of PPE (personal protective equipment). They manufacture a huge assortment of products ranging from electronics, adhesives, and other construction equipment. This article pertains to discuss the need for Pentax Safety Glasses to avoid workplace injury. The NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) conducted research which found workers subjected to 2000 eye-related injuries every day. The need for protecting your eyes cannot be emphasized enough. The scope of discussion here is about & how they are of benefit to your daily work routine. Furthermore, investing in a quality pair of protective eyewear can be advantageous instead of buying glasses from shoddy manufacturers. This article delineates why Pentax stands as the leading edge provider of PPE in the industry.


  • Durability – The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a regulatory body which orders PPE manufacturers to comply with certain standards.  The most important one is the ANSI Z87.1-2003 or ANSI Z87.1-2010. It pertains to the assurance of robustness and durability against lens shattering accidents. Pentax Protective Eyewear conforms with the aforementioned standard. It does not compromise on the safety offered to its customers. ANSI simulation tests involve high impact accidents to mimic real-life hazards. One example is of a metallic ball being hurled towards the lens from a very short distance (less than an inch).
  • Protection – Most of Pentax PPE for the eyes comes with side & brow shields. They play an important role in guarding against certain residues. These can be in the form of fine particles which can cause irritation in the eyes. Side shields help in warding off any debris or material which could impair vision permanently. The protection can also be in the form of guarding against UV (Ultra Violet) rays. This is often due to extended exposure to sunlight or working in excessive heat. The radiation causes exposure to UV rays which can result in skin cancer. In case of eyes, it can lead to long term vision loss in the form of macular degeneration or cataracts. Pentax offers a polycarbonate lens which is premium in offering protection as its durability. Polycarbonate material is highly scratch resistant & impervious to UV. Thus, Pentax Safety Glasses offer the assurance to keep your vision intact & your productivity unhampered during all hours of work.
  • Comfort – It’s imperative for glasses to have a snugly fit to avoid irritation during wearing them for long hours of work. They should also firmly sit on the bridge and refrain from falling off. The frame around the lens is also well padded which supplements the fit.
  • Anti-Fog – They help immensely in working environments with polarized temperatures. They can include snow where workers face the arduous task of working in cold weather. Anti-fogging lens greatly helps against the hassle of removing your eyeglasses repeatedly to rub off the condensed vapor.
  • RX Glasses – Pentax Prescription Safety Glasses offers the viable option of refractive correction for workers who require a 20/20 vision during work.

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