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Best Bifocal Rx Safety Glasses to Buy in 2024

Best Bifocal Rx Safety Glasses to Buy in 2024

Nothing’s better than safety combined with vision correction. Having sufficient visual acuity to perform most tasks effectively is imperative for people with impaired eyesight. Thus, prescription protective eyewear is exactly what you need to let you have the best of both an accurate view & the required level of safety assurance to stay focused on your job.


Who Needs Bifocals?

As people age, they tend to lose the elasticity in their lenses which causes them problems when shifting their focus from far-distanced objects to near ones. This is commonly known as farsightedness or ‘presbyopia’. It usually worsens with age leaving you with no other option than to get prescription glasses.


In the same vein, bifocal prescription eyewear offers a one-size-fits-all solution by combining two powers into one lens. If you’re thinking of getting one for work, sports, or any other activity that requires you to focus, it is always recommended to buy from the best brands available. Renowned PPE providers such as Armourx Safety Glasses offer fantastic bifocal eyeglasses that are apt for work, sports, or any other activity that requires a certain level of mandatory protection for your eyes.

Some bestselling eyewear options on our website are worth checking out.


ArmourX 5001

The half-rimmed frame is ideal for all-day wear with exceptional comfort & fits almost any head size. On top of that, the wraparound shape offers an enhanced lateral view that gives much-needed protection around the surrounding areas of your eyes. Temples are adjustable to allow a perfect fit for a variety of head sizes. It comes in a popular silver color.


ANSI Z87.1 rating makes Armourx 5001 an ideal PPE useful for workers involved in a lot of reading while doing manual labor work. The bi-focal dividing line is optimally placed at the center which allows an ideal surface area to view through both prescription lenses.


ArmourX 7106

If you want eyewear that offers a greater overlay for head & eye protection, look no further. ArmourX 7106 is another fantastic option with high-quality safety aspects to keep your eyes protected & offer crystal-clear vision. Its staple feature is the hands-free LED lights that are adjustable to a wide range of angles. People involved in performing any physical labor at night would find these to be ideal for their purpose.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy multiple lens coatings for a superior experience that adds to the eyewear’s safety assurance. For instance, the anti-scratch coating prevents any scratches that may occur as a result of wear & tear over time.

On the other hand, if your work environment is very humid or bears extreme temperatures, anti-fog is the solution to go with. Not only will it allow you a seamless view for a respectable number of hours but it will also prevent you from taking your gear off to wipe away the fog.

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