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Guideline About Cheap Sunglasses and Prescription Eyewear

Guideline About Cheap Sunglasses and Prescription Eyewear

You are planning to buy a new pair of sunglasses or prescription eyewear, but you are confusing about where to start it. Here is a guideline about everything that you want to know about prescription safety glasses and sunglasses.

Kind of sunglasses:

  • Aviator:

The aviator frames are thick metal and usually find in dark colors with reflective lenses. This shape has large lenses that can block the sunlight from all sides.

  • Retro square:

This shape is a box-like and has a thick frame and can get in a variety of colors and prints. Such shape of frames can go with both men and women.

  • Browline:

The Browline shape frame is thick across browline and bottom part of the lens has extra thin layer rims.

  • Rounded sunglasses:

The rounded lens has the same shape but the frames can be small or large and can make of plastic or metals.

  • Cat eye sunglasses:

Its upswept angle makes these shape sunglasses a cat-like look and that’s why they give a classy look. These sunglasses mostly suit women face.

Prescription eyewear:

  • Women eyewear:

Women prescription safety glasses frames are available in several shapes and sizes but the most trending shape is a cat-eye shape in these days. Another popular choice is swirled shapes and angular patterns and most of the women like chunky and thick eyeglasses.

  • Men eyewear:

The latest design men eyewear that contains patterns with translucent background and designer logos as well. Most of the men frame is thin that has a delicate look.

  • Unisex eyewear:

Unisex eyewear means to perfect for both men and women including all frame shapes. Half-rim frames give a delicate and classy look.

  • Children eyewear:

Children’s safety eyewear looks like adults but is available in various design and shades. Furthermore, the children’s eyeglasses are more than adults so don’t need to replace them frequently after breaking.

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