How Much Do Prescription Safety Glasses Cost?

How Much Do Prescription Safety Glasses Cost?

Protective eyewear is used for various purposes for eyes safety from any kind of injuries that can damage vision.


  • For health insurance patients, typical cost contains 10%-50% for the specs.
  • Non-prescription glasses don’t include in vision insurance.
  • But RX safety glasses cost is applied under some plans but not included others. This plan is covered by Vision Service Plan for prescription protective eyewear.
  • For eye wearer without an insurance plan, their cost is $10-$50 for a basic pair with bifocals. The cost can be up to $150 for designer frames with anti-fog lenses.
  • Typically, light adjusting lenses cost is about $40-$250.

Included features:

Generally, eyewear features completely depend on user use and their personal preferences.

  • Basically, protective eyewear has a sturdy frame with polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is a plastic type material and has impact resistance against hazards things.
  • Some safety specs have a foam layer between a face and frame for additional protection from dust, debris, and flying particle like Wily x safety glasses.
  • Medical safety glasses are manufactured for eyes protection from body fluids. Usually, they are made with plastic that is very lightweight and are not from the protection of debris and flying objects.
  • Laser protective eyewear is designed for those who work near laser and these are from the protection of laser radiation.
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