How Should RX Safety Glasses Fit? - Important Points

How Should RX Safety Glasses Fit? - Important Points

Simple prescription eyewear is not enough for eyes protection. You need non-prescription or prescription safety glasses for useful protection. Safety eyewear decreases the risk of injury. However, if you have a poor fitting or low-quality eyewear, you are putting yourself at the high risk of danger.

A traditional sentence is told for eyewear that is “one size fits all”. How is this possible, if everyone has a different head size? That is the reason to find proper fitting eyewear is very crucial for eyes safety. Most of the eye injuries record show that poor fitting and not wearing safety eyewear are the reason for accidents.


Important points for appropriate fitting:

You should keep in mind these following points for perfect eyewear.

  • Eyewear should not put pressure on the head or behind the ears.
  • Nose piece must comfortable that it should not pinch nose.
  • While wearing eyewear, you could see in all direction without any hurdle.
  • The weight of the frame should be equally distributed on the nose and head side. You could not feel any pressure while performing any task.
  • You frame should fit close to your face without touching the eyelashes.
  • There should not be a gap more than pencil size. A preferred gap is less than or equal to 6-8 mm.
  • Eyebrows should be covered by lenses.
  • Your safety eyewear should stay at one place even you move your head in any directions.

If you have eyewear that is according to the above points, you are safe. You can save your eyes from future injuries. 3m zt100 safety glasses are perfect eyewear for your all workplace. This is the best combination of soft and hard components. Its flexible frame is durable and comfortable for all day task. They are so adaptive for any face shape and width due to its flexibility. 

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