How to Tell If My RX Lenses Are Safety Glasses?

How to Tell If My RX Lenses Are Safety Glasses?

Do you know your most appreciated and valued assets is your vision? But many people don’t take any safety precaution when they need them. Over 90% of eye injuries can be prevented by wearing Rx safety glasses. Those who already wear prescription eyewear, they can use safety glasses with prescription lenses. Because standard glasses cannot provide you a high level of protection that safety eyewear can do. Do you know what is the true difference between regular and safety glasses? Because both eyewear is available in prescription and non-prescription lenses with durable lenses and in a wraparound. So what is the basic difference between them?

The real difference between regular and safety glasses:

Unluckily, many people are unaware of the difference between regular and safety RX glasses. It is essential everyone should know the importance of prescription safety glasses. They are able to provide you more protection because of impact resistance. Polycarbonate lenses are considered best when we talk about strong lenses. But the impact resistance is not only applied for lenses but the same thing is important for a frame as well. Safety eyewear is held on a high level in order to meet specific requirements, particularly the specs are used in many workstations. But the regular eyewear cannot meet the basics standard of safety and that’s why they are hazardous for eyes.

That’s why the main difference between regular and safety eyewear is standard material that is used in safety specs. Basically, the safety glasses RX lenses and frames are so safe that cannot allow penetrating peripherally any high pressure or heat into heat. Plastic like polycarbonate lenses and frames are impact resistance and cannot be easily broken.

On the job:

It is really essential that who needs safety glasses with RX inserts, he should know how and where can get the right safety specs for certain jobs. Some of the professions where you need to wear safety glasses that are as follows.

  • Carpenters
  • Mechanical industry
  • Pipefitters

Safety specs are not of a kind that can use particularly on a job but many workers prefer to wear prescription safety specs. Regardless of the options, all the eyeglasses should meet the safety standard before getting to use these specs on their workplaces.

Use safety glasses for other activities as well:

Besides your job career, there are a lot of other activities that need effective and durable pair of safety glasses but must ensure safety first. Suppose, you love to shoot, hunt, fishing, or anything else same like that have a risk of safety. You need specific safety specs for your such need. You can even get branded RX safety glasses online in case of brands shops are not near to you. You should select appropriate safety glasses with safety-approved lenses.

If you have to use your eyewear for outdoor sports or other activities, you need a lens that could provide a distraction-free view. There are a lot of activities that you need a lot of focus and any kind of distraction can cause any mistake. All type of lenses that are safety based have a lot of difference and are different because of different activities. It depends on your participation.

The lenses tint does a great job for eliminating glare when you are panic that glare will distract you in your activities. A glare-free view is more comfortable for your eyes. Sometimes some unexpected things can happen with your eyes and for this reason, many people prefer wraparound frames.

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