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Safety Sunglasses for Protection at Work & Sports

Safety Sunglasses for Protection at Work & Sports

For most people, sunglasses are just an eye accessory worn solely for aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, protective eyeglasses are often viewed as large, overbearing gear for eyes that will make you look silly. However, that’s not the case anymore. As the standards of aesthetics transcend from traditional designer glasses from over to safety ones, the line has become quite blurry which separates them both.


A Wider Choice Available Than Ever

A branded pair of eye protection PPE as Wiley X Safety Glasses offers so much more in terms of value & aesthetics which makes them an ideal choice for most tasks. People are offered more choices in terms of safety features which makes it easier in terms of choosing the right eyewear that fits their needs.


The following safety eyeglasses are worth having a look into if you’re looking for eyewear that gives you the best of both safety & awe-inspiring looks at the same time.


Wiley X Climb

It comes in a very fashionable shape that makes you stand out from the crowd. Wiley X Climb is an easy favorite among fashion-forward people who prefer a bold shape. You get pretty much everything that one asks for in average sunglasses with the added high-end safety aspects.


These glasses offer polarized lenses that are made out of Filter 8 technology, which is why Wiley X is probably the best safety sunglasses brand that you could get. The lens comes in an amber color that is perfect for wearing in broad daylight to reduce glare & provide protection against UV A & B types of rays. All of this is offered with the added functionality of being ANSI-rated for shatterproof protection.


Frame temples are stylish yet functional to maintain a solid grip on your ears which don’t slide forward even when there’s a lot of head movement involved. Another fantastic feature offered by these frames is the option to include prescription lenses that let you enjoy unrivaled visual acuity.


Wiley X Omega

Wiley X Omega comes in a wraparound shape, offering a sporty aesthetic sought by athletes. These sunglasses also come with high-quality polarized lenses. The lenses come in a green platinum color that promises visual acuity in medium to bright light conditions.


It offers a variety of lens coating for a superior optical experience. The anti-fog coating is one option that lets you view seamlessly in extreme temperatures. So no matter how harsh the conditions are, Wiley X ensures that you stay focused on the task at hand.


These glasses are a treat for water sports enthusiasts. It offers hydrophobic coating which lets the water drops trickle down the lens’ surface instead of clinging on to the surface.


On the whole, there’s no reason why good-looking glasses cannot make an effective protective armor against hazards. There’s every bit of reason buy ANSI Z87.1 rated eyewear that offers the desired visual appeal & functionality along with it.

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