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Top Safety Tips For Motorcyclists In 2024

Top Safety Tips For Motorcyclists In 2024

People who ride bikes on the regular know very well the amount of excitement it brings. Taking your bike out for a ride until sunset is often the best way to relax and let your thoughts wander for a while until you find yourself at peace again. However, riding bikes can be dangerous simultaneously. This requires some sort of precautionary measures as wearing safety goggles to keep your eyes protected against certain hazards entails the activity of riding motorcycles. In the same regard, this article highlights some of the important safety tips that will keep you protected against any risks of getting injured.


Basic Safety Checklist

Wearing A Helmet

This one’s a no-brainer. Among all protective gear, you need to protect your head first. Any instance of an accident that involves physical trauma to your head can have devastating consequences. To substantiate this, according to research, forty percent of motorcyclists who died as a result of a head injury weren’t wearing any helmets. Even if you’re wearing you’re a top-grade brand like Wiley X Safety Glasses, there’s no getting around the fact that your riding helmet should be a primary PPE. So in short, you shouldn’t be riding your bike without a helmet.

Wearing other PPE

You’d want to ensure that you’re wearing a proper leather jacket that provides safety against any corrosion or abrasion in case you fall off from your bike to the ground. Wearing elbow & knee pads protects your joints that are most prone to getting fractured in case of an abrupt fall from your motorcycle.

Staying hydrated

If you’re driving in hot weather while wearing a thick leather jacket, dehydration can easily kick in & cause you to lose focus as you drive. Always keep your water bottle filled in case you’re going out for long, uninterrupted trips on your bike.

Wearing Protective Eyewear

GlassesthatareANSI Z87.1 rated are an apt choice for most people requiring some sort of safety assurance for their eyes. However, if you truly want to enjoy the best optical experience, you should go for a frame that has a wraparound shape like Wiley X Slay. The best thing about sporty frames is that your eyes stay protected from peripheral wind, sweat, dust & other fine particles that otherwise may come in contact with your eyes. The wrap shape provides a snug fit that provides a form-fitting experience without causing any discomfort.

Moreover, You can even try some tactical goggles as Wiley X SG-1 that come in a wraparound shape. Its smoke-grey lenses provide excellent glare reduction by way of having low light transmission levels for you to view clearly in bright, sunny conditions. The lenses are made out of polycarbonate lenses which provide 100% protection against UV A & B types of rays along with shatterproof durability. Overall, motorcyclists should always consider having a reliable pair of glasses that is more than just a style-over-substance eye accessory.

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