What Is the Best Anti-Fog Spray for Goggles?

What Is the Best Anti-Fog Spray for Goggles?

You have top quality RX safety glasses or goggles, but you have to cut short of your outdoor experience if they have started to fog up. Windex, rubbing alcohol, and spits, all these methods have applied to stop the eyewear from fogging. Science has exceeded traditional techniques and effective inexpensive spray and solutions have come in the market to remove off the fog.

How spray works:

Anti-fog spray is a hydrophilic solution meaning it attracts water. The fog arises inside the safety eyewear and actually, they are tiny water droplets. As they contact with a hydrophilic surface, the moisture becomes unify as a thin layer rather than into small droplets. Below here are three popular anti-fog sprays and have proved very reliable in the market.

  1. Cat crap anti-fog spray:

From many years, cat crap is a household fog-fighter and it has many good reasons. Simply spray this on glasses and gently wipe with a dry cloth.it keeps the glasses fog-free for a whole day.

  1. Quick spit:

The second one is quick to spit and works well on both plastic and glass surface. Quick spit has long-lasting hydrophilic properties and its single spray is effective in both wet and dry environments.

  1. Clarity anti-fog wipes:

Technically, it’s not a fog spray but these wipes are convenient and effective. An interesting thing about them they are dry in touch. One piece of cloth can work well for 20 uses.

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