What Is the Best Online Eyeglass Store?

What Is the Best Online Eyeglass Store?

If you are interested in ordering online prescription eyewear from any store, there are numbers of ways to purchase them. From all of the options of online shopping, the key factor to remember is its cost. Unexpectedly, many online retailers have got high marks from the magazines and here below is the list of the best places. They all have got rank according to consumer reports.

  • Costco optical
  • Warby Parker
  • ZenniOptical.com
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • EyeBuyDirect.com
  • Sam’s Club Optical
  • Walmart Vision Center

The lowest cost is really appealing, but you need to know something before ordering your favorite pair of eyewear. You need pupillary distance that is a distance between the center of your pupil. That distance is measured in millimeters. Another important thing is the updated prescription if you are new or old wearer. The frames will be useless without prescription and PD. Otherwise; your lenses will be too narrow or wide. If you are ordering designer glasses online for a new prescription, give PD measurement to them for a perfect frame.

Prescription’s eyeglasses rule:

If you visit Doctor for a checkup, a doctor should follow the rule for their patients.

  • A doctor must give a prescription for specs at the end of the exam
  • You don’t need to extra for getting prescription because automatically, your doctor has to hand over the prescription to you.
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