What Is the Best Progressive Eyeglass Lenses?

What Is the Best Progressive Eyeglass Lenses?

Progressive eyeglass lenses sometimes called non-bifocal lenses and they are used for presbyopia correction. Most people who are prescribed for bifocals prefer progressive lenses in their prescription safety glasses. Because they give you a youthful appearance and look more functional. The lenses have no visible line as present in bi-focal and increase their strength as you move down your eyes. All progressive lenses are different due to their brands, size, and function. That’s why they are not the same in price. The progressive lenses have a perfect fit but most people have adjusting problems with them. There are mainly four types of progressive lenses that are listed below.

  1. Standard Progressive Lenses:

If you are searching for a substitute for bifocals and trifocals, standard progressive lenses are perfect for you. They work well for most people and also come in budget. These lenses are more expensive than bifocals and trifocals but can be affordable in terms of vision. But their price depends on the brands for base lenses. The progressive lenses give you a wide view area and need a certain frame size like 3m f9800. If you select a too-short frame, then the most readable area will be cut.


  1. Short-corridor Progressive Lenses:

Short-corridor progressive lenses slightly fit smaller frames and are more expensive than standard progressive lenses. Due to their small size, these lenses need an excellent optician for their fitting. You can have some difficulty in adjusting due to the small size of the lenses. They give you a very small area for reading. They cannot give you a reading vision perfect, therefore you have to look straight through these lenses.


  1. Computer Progressive Lenses:

These lenses are known as office lenses or variable focus lenses. They are mainly used for office work as they give you clear vision from 16 inches to 6 feet. The computer lenses are perfect for those people who want to use them for intermediate and near distances. If you have to work in front of a computer screen for more than four hours, they are ideal. These lenses help to alleviate eye fatigue. The lenses help you for a better posture as you just see clear in a natural posture. Pentax steel 800 safety glasses are ideal for computer progressive lenses.


  1. Premium Progressive Lenses:

These lenses are designed from free-form design. They give you a wider distortion-free reading area. They give you a 100% clear vision. The premium lenses are specifically designed for computer use and with small changes, allow both eyes to work together. 

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