What Is the Difference Pentax Yellow Plastic Safety Glasses and White?

What Is the Difference Pentax Yellow Plastic Safety Glasses and White?

About Pentax:

Pentax is the world-leading offering personal protective eyewear with over than 100 years of experience in safety glasses. All Pentax products match the user’s requirements and help to meet demanding health and safety standards. Their advanced research and development skills help to create state-of-the-art products that safe people in an extensive range of possible dangerous environments.

Style and protection:

  • Comfort:

More than 70% of people rejected to wear ANSI safety glasses because of uncomforted even when they needed them to wear. This shows that comfort is so important in the designing of protective eyewear. So Pentax introduced more adjustable features across eyewear range.

  • Protection:

More than half of the people have accepted that they wear Pentax eyewear in the form of prescription safety glasses because of their high level of protection. All-optical safety of Pentax includes many features and all products are marked by CE and 100% safety approved.

  • Fitting:

Well fitted eyewear with comfortable additional features, such eyewear is most likely to use by the people effectively. Pentax has completely studied the people face shape and head size according to the latest technology. Therefore, Pentax is providing better-fitted eyewear with the best result.

  • Style:

People are daring to wear more Pentax protective eyewear because of its appealing style and they are happier to wear them. It is the best approach to Pentax products that care about people preferences.

  • Compatibility:

Sometimes you need additional protection by your eyewear like respiratory or hearing protection. That’s why Pentax is ensuring their products that are more compatible than other safety products. With the widest range of protective eyewear, it is easy for the people to choose the style of eyewear according to their conditions. Even you can get such designer glasses online from Pentax personal company website or any other retailer site.

Featured explained:

  • Coatings:

Rugged Anti-scratch coating: Five times more scratch-resistant than regular Pentax products and provide super level protection against any toughest environment.

DX coating: It gives protection against scratch and mist.

Anti-scratch coating: It reduces the surfaces abrasion effects.

Anti-fog coating: It helps to reduce fogging effect on the lenses.

Mirror coating: This coating eliminates the glare effect that is created by the reflected light of UV and sunlight.

  • Design:

Aspherical lens: Most lenses are designed by an aspheric curve that is a constant curvature. Because the human face has irregular curves and aspheric curves are better to follow such angles.

Dust: The Pentax products are carefully designed with ventilation features that resist the entrance of larger particles.

Liquid splashes: The complete and ventilation features protect users from any splashes of liquid and hazardous droplet at the workplace.

Molten metal: Pentax eyewear design offers resistance against any molten metal.

Hard case included: Hard case with hard microfiber pouch is also included for cleaning the glasses.


Comfort features:

  • Arms are adjustable
  • The angle can be adjusted according to face cut
  • Rotating tip that holds the Rx safety glasses in one place in any situation

Lenses color features:

  • Clear lens with UV filter
  • Bronze and red mirror lenses are available with solar glare filter
  • Gray lenses with a solar filter
  • Yellow lenses are coated for UV and Blue light
  • Blue mirror lenses for solar and glare
  • Polarized for solar and glare filtration
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