What Should You Do If Your PPE Is Damaged?

What Should You Do If Your PPE Is Damaged?

What is PPE:

PPE is an equipment that is worn to get protection against safety and health risk. Hazards contain environmental, physical, bio-hazards, and chemical risks.

From what things PPE protects you from:

PPE basically protect, eyes, lungs, skin, body, head but depend on what you have worn. You can use prescription safety glasses while working. It provides you protection against work-related dangers like.

  • Eyes infections
  • Contaminated air
  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical hazards rays
  • Projectiles
  • Extreme temperature

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Where working hazards like above exist, the employer must accomplish a risk assessment and decide how to remove the risks. They can control measure and provide a safe working environment for eliminating the risks. But if the threats are going to reduce enough protection against a dangerous work environment, it is necessary to use PPE like hard hats and safety eyewear.

PPE selection:

You have to select PPE with cautious consideration.

  • Select PPE that is suitable according to specific hazards with which a user is exposed. For example, if a worker works in a wet place, he must be granted a pair of safety boots.
  • If a worker needs multiple articles of PPE, make sure they are all compatible. For instance, a worker requires noise and head protection, you should make sure that they are working best for the workers.
  • All PPE should work properly and including things are fitting, suitable size, etc.
  • Various other factors are worth considering but of course, depend on your job place. In case of any defect, ask your supplier.

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How can maintain PPE?

Defective PPE is ineffective and it can put the workers in great danger. That’s why it is important to maintain them in case of any defect. Here are some considered things while maintaining PPE.

  • Always store all equipment in a dry place, clean storage cases.
  • Keep equipment clean with good repairing condition.
  • Pay focus on maintenance schedule.
  • Pay focus on the recommended replacement time period and their life span.

Be responsible and check protective equipment for yourself and others as well.

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