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When should children get eyeglasses?

When should children get eyeglasses?

Parents often ask questions to eye specialist.

When should children get their eyeglasses?

Most people at certain points need to wear eyeglasses in their lives. Adults need to wear reading eyeglasses for correct vision.

A child can wear glasses as young as few months of age. An Infants eye care specialist says that kids can face of vision problem in a very early age. Sometimes, farsighted is diagnosed in early age. Parents should wear them Prescription Safety Glasses for seeing well.


Common symptom:


There are many symptoms appear for wearing eyeglasses. There can be several reasons in children to wear eyeglasses.

  •        Infants do not concentrate to look on their favorite things even moving in any direction.
  •        Children tilt their heads try to see things.
  •        A Squint child may be involved in the problem of nearsighted.
  •        Infants of three months would not give eye contact because of eye issue.
  •        They would try to see or focus in a different angle.

 As these above symptoms appear must consult a doctor. These symptoms affect on intellectual disability, blindness, and neurological problem.


Important screening test:


  •        A pediatrician should examine the eyes of a newborn baby. You should make sure about his/her eyes health. It is not necessary that all eye problems can relate to focus. Infants can be born with different vision problems like cataract and a cloudy cornea.
  •        You should examine an infant in the age of between 6 months to 1 year of age.
  •        Infant’s specialist should examine baby for vision screening between the age of 3 to 3 and a half-year.
  •        A formal test for infant's visual acuity should be at the age of 5.
  •        An infant’s eye specialist should suggest prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses, and bifocals if they need. Eyeglasses should be worn to premature infant who has a vision problem. 3M Safety Glasses are also related to all type of glasses for safe vision.
  •        Eyes fail to work together looking at a near object in case of crossed eyes or strabismus.
  •        Strabismus can reduce vision in a weaker eye. The brain only focuses on a better seeing object. It would ignore the weak image.
  •        An eye specialist can treat these conditions by putting a patch. They put a patch to strengthen in a weak eye for improving vision. If conditioned is diagnosed in early age, then it can be treated successfully.


Reason to need wear eyeglasses:


The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology states some common reason to wear eyeglasses. Here below are some common reasons,

  •        Eyeglasses can help the child to improve vision.
  •        Eyeglasses help in straighten eyes in case of crossed eyes.
  •        They help in strengthen weak eyes and give fair vision.
  •        They help to protect that eye who has good vision.
  •        Eyeglasses help to see things clearly.
  •        Eyeglasses help to see if child has blur vision.

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