Where to Buy Pentax Prescription Safety Glasses?

Where to Buy Pentax Prescription Safety Glasses?

Why Pentax?

Pentax broke new ground by bringing Pentax prescription safety glasses to the workforce. First-time Pentax prescription specs were introduced in the early 1900s. For decades, Pentax providing comprehensive safety products to business and industry. They are designed for helping to improve compliance, safety and health are the two key factor that is on their priority for every work environment. Whenever it comes to safety eyewear, Pentax always proved itself by providing greater comfort, diverse coating, and latest style. Pentax has advanced coating technologies that provide sharp vision with greater durability and functionality. Eyewear selection can be complicated but Pentax provides a complete range of safety and prescription specs with the addition of value-added service like eyewear fit testing.

Do you know?

There are some interesting facts about eye injuries at the workplace by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 1200 eye injuries occur at the workplace because of not wearing safety glasses. Most eye injuries happened at the workplace because of,

  • No protective eyewear: Almost three out of five people injured at the workplace by not wearing protective eyewear at the time of accidents.
  • By wearing wrong eyewear: Approximately, 40% of eye injuries have occurred by wearing wrong eyewear at the time of accidents. Or if they have worn right eyewear then they were without side shields.

Eye injuries are caused by:

  • Flying particles: Approximately 70% of accidents occurred by flying particles or sparks that strike the eyes. Chemicals contact injuries happen at one-fifth.

How injuries can be prevented?

  • By wearing protective eyewear: OSHA provides safety standards that are required to every employer at work setting with appropriate protection. Safety eyewear should be most effective and well-fitted for the environment of the proper hazard.
  • Proper training and education: Most eye injuries occur because the workers don’t wear protective specs at their workplace by saying this, the safety specs are not required for their work zone. Almost 40% of workers got no information that what kind of eyewear they need for their work situation.
  • Maintenance: All protective eyewear should maintain properly, any type of scratches can reduce vision and can cause glare that is related to accidents. So damage or scratchy eyewear should replace immediately.

Pentax advance coating:

  • AR-coating: The great benefit of AR-coating enhances the lenses clarity by increasing light. Standard polycarbonate lenses have already 89% light transmission that’s why they are not treated with AR-coating. Pentax is providing three types of AR-coating like,
  • Value AR
  • SuperCote AR
  • Scotchgard AR
  • Anti-fog coating: A permanent layer of anti-fog coating is applied over both sides of lenses.
  • Self-tinted lenses: Fast clear, fast dark, Rx safety glasses that are easily adjusted in any light condition like full bright sunlight and indoor light environment. The lenses provide 100% UV protection, comfortable vision in any light condition with a naturally stylish look.

Where to buy Pentax prescription safety glasses?

Eyeweb has a wide range of prescription and non-prescription eyewear with an option to change the lenses according to prescription. There is comprehensive detail information about all online procedure that you will not find any kind of difficulty for ordering online prescription eyewear. For ordering prescription, always make sure about your update prescription.

All online orders are accepted by the proper guided system and are provided the best quality lenses and frames. In fact, the purchasing of safety eyewear even reading prescription eyeglasses is not hard if you are going order first time. Don’t hesitate to contact our representative by live chat and we will please to assist you.

There is more than 3000 online or offline store where you can buy or order your favorite pair of eyewear. Because Pentax is the clear option for style, safety, durability, convenience, and versatility.

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