Where to Buy RX Safety Glasses Insert?

Where to Buy RX Safety Glasses Insert?

Most prescription safety glasses on any website get prescription lenses directly in the frame and mostly, of course, expect this. But do you know some specs need some special kind of prescription inserts?


When Prescription Eyewear Needs Inserts:

There are many styles that some of us carry like a shield, a front lens, etc.  There is an insert between your eyes and the lens that holds prescription lenses. Many people don’t like to wear this insert because it creates many problems like streaks and fogging. That is the reason that people avoid this insert look. Some inserts are more mandatory than a better look. Here are very useful things to know why Rx safety glasses with inserts.

When you use a face shield where the lenses are not in separate forms like goggles or masks. In these cases, there is no large lens and the latest lens technology is unable to get the lens in the main shield. So insert is the only way to get a frame with a prescription.


A prescription insert is a perfect choice if you need to face shield and mask that covers more area safely than just eyes. Welding shields, respirator masks, and gas masks that are used by industrial workers and first responders are the best examples of such types of RX inserts that need a prescription insert.


There is one problem that people have to face prescription inserts are fogging. With the help of two sets of lenses, you are in a situation where fog is produced in your lenses. Of course, you will get fog in your both lenses. This can be the main irritation get rid of, it can be possibly very dangerous if the fog blocks your view at a critical moment. You must make sure to order anti-fog coating on the inner surface of lenses. It is the best choice for purchasing anti-fog spray with added safety.


Another problem with the insert is that face cleaning. Because the insert’s cleaning needs the removal of the eyeglasses from your face. The cleaning process can be a real bother and make impossible particularly when you are in the middle of the work task. Cat Crap anti-fog is the best solution for lens protection. For more safety, you can keep eyewear in a hard case or pouch when you are not working. So use your eyewear after taking it out from your pouch and vice versa. This will help to keep the gap between the shield and the lenses.


The last problem concerns the inserts that people don’t like face look at. In some situations, when the insert is required, then inserts cannot help. Because in most cases when an insert is required, the contact lenses should not wear. This instruction is necessary to follow particularly when you are using an insert. If you can use Rx prescription safety glasses or standard goggles over a mask along with an insert, you should go ahead with this. But make sure, OSHA and work requirements should not be avoided just for the sake of your look.


Appropriate care and storage place of your prescription mask will make a less bother to maintain and use. With this care, you will be secure from the habit of forgetting or losing which can damage you. If you are using a respirator mask and require a prescription insert along with it. You can even order designer glasses online with prescription lenses and can easily pop your mask.


It is a bad idea to get any kind of tinted lenses with an insert. If you require a tint, you must take a lens on the front side. Tinted lenses with an insert look strange along with a clear shield but the important thing is that most masks provide interchangeable films that change the tinted lens into clear. With the help of tinted prescription inserts, you can easily move in any lighting condition. You can order even more than one insert with a prescription. You can use tinted prescription inserts; you can use them in poor light conditions that can damage your vision.


A prescription insert is not necessary all the time but in a few cases, they are essential. A few things like snowmobiling, snowboarding, skies, ballistic safety, motocross, and many industrial environments where the insert is needed. The using of a prescription insert in a proper way, will help to improve your performance efficiently. Fogging can be dangerous and even create a death situation, so with anti-fog coat and proper pouch will protect you. You are one and the only person who is responsible for equipment protection, and keeping them ready for service time.

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