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Why Prescription Safety Glasses Are Still Popular Choices Among People

Why Prescription Safety Glasses Are Still Popular Choices Among People

Despite the availability of contact lenses and corrected vision surgery, people still prefer to wear prescription safety glasses. Still, they are a popular choice more than ever before. The reason for fame has the following considered points,


High-Profile Trendy Frames:

Designer frames have become very popular among many people. They have a variety of frames in plastic and metal in several materials with a wide variety of colors. They come in a limitless option. Metal frames with spring hinges make them unbreakable for a long duration.


Eyeglasses a Fashion Statement:

Now, eyeglasses are not a necessity for vision correction, it has become a fashion statement. People prefer those eyeglasses to wear that are updated and a perfect match to their outfits. They choose different eyewear in color and style that match their wardrobe dresses. Now you can get a lot of options in frames and rimless eyeglasses with different materials.

Most of the eyewear comes in attached or removable side shields and nose bridges for your comfort. 3m zt200 replacement nose pad arms are available in the combined and separate accessories. Some people even order special frame eyewear with stone or precious pearls stuck over them. They do this for the enhancement of their frames.

  • Advance lenses:

There are several options for lenses coming into the market due to advanced technology. The most popular choices in lenses are here,

  • Aspheric lenses:

Aspheric lenses are most common among many people because they are more attractive and slimmer profile than other lenses.

  • High index lenses:

High-index lenses are made of a material that makes them lighter and thinner than other standard lenses. Mostly branded safety glasses are available with high-index lenses.

  • Polycarbonate lenses:

Polycarbonate lenses are lighter and 10 times more resistant than regular lenses. These lenses are considered best for children and for those people who want to wear lightweight eyewear. They are scratch-resistant and durable and therefore they are very demanded lenses.

  • Certain lens coating:

Despite the lens material, there are also a lot of options in the coating that are applied to the lenses to make them safer.

  • Photochromic:

Photochromic lenses are very light sensitive and they change their shades automatically as they experience the bright sunlight. But they quickly return to clear lenses as you come in indoor places. You can get 3M safety glasses with photochromic lenses.

  • Polarized:

Lenses with polarized coating reduce glare from all flat surfaces like water and also help to reduce eye fatigue.

  • Anti-reflect coating:

This is a very demanding coating among a lot of people. They reduce the amount of light that can reflect off the lens's surface.  They improve visual quality and other people can focus on your eyes. Another benefit of this coating is that it reduces glare and removes eye fatigue as well.

  • Scratch-resistant Coating:

Most current lenses are built with a scratch-resistant coating that helps the eyeglasses from breaking. If your eyeglasses have a drop-down by mistake then this coating will protect your glasses from breaking. Before purchasing to order online RX safety glasses online, make sure for anti-scratch coating.

  • UV Treatment:

Most lenses are treated with UV coating as it helps to protect your eyes from bright sunlight. UV rays are very damaging to the eyes. High-index and polycarbonate lenses already have a UV layer, so no need to UV protection.

  • Mirror Coating:

Mirror coating removes reflected light and gives you a clear view. This coating is ideal for those people who have a light-sensitive issue.

  • Anti-fog Coating:

Anti-fog coating is applied on eyeglasses lenses to keep them clear in the transition temperature as you enter from cold to high. This coating eliminates the condensation on lenses because of fog.


Some Common Facts About Eyeglasses:

  • Eyeglasses make you an honest look
  • By wearing rimless eyewear, they give you a more trustworthy look.
  • People look more intelligent.
  • Glasses are mostly associated with a higher social class.

If glasses have logos, it shows you are fashion-conscious. 

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