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Why You Should Get AR Coating In Rx Safety Glasses

Why You Should Get AR Coating In Rx Safety Glasses

Anti-reflective coating is an important solution that many people are opting for nowadays. It offers a variety of benefits for the wearer that have given rise to its popularity. This works even if you’re someone who’s working an industrial job or requires a brand new pair of reading prescription safety glasses. This article explains some of the most important perks that you get by opting for AR coating in your protective eyewear.


Enhanced Optical Acuity

The best pro that you could experience is the increased visual sharpness that you get by going for an AR solution on your lenses. This is primarily because anti-reflective coating allows an increased amount of light to enter through your lenses which results in a better view. However, it is often best used when coupled with high-index lenses that are often recommended for people with high prescription powers to get rid of that nerdy look.


Say Goodbye to Glare

Ever gotten frustrated at the small block of light on your lenses when taking selfies? AR coating is the ultimate antidote to the problem of glare which is caused by the reflection of light when it hits the rear side of your eyewear’s lenses. It eliminates the possibility of reflection forming at both the front & back of the lenses which results in a more appealing look. Top brands such as Wiley X Safety Glasses come with AR coating-ready eyewear for you to take pictures in an awe-inspiring sporty appearance!


Reduced Eye Strain

We are glued to digital screens during most hours throughout the day which can cause dryness in our eyes, resulting in eye strain. AR coating is often the best way to minimize ‘computer eye syndrome’ caused by the lack of blinking when we use our screens. Digital natives should pay attention here. Anti-reflective coating lets more light which means your eyes have to work less hard to focus on your screen for long hours at work. On the other hand, even if you’re someone who works outdoors, you could benefit from safety eyewear like Wiley X Alfa which comes in a classic aviator shape.


Suitable for a Wide Range of Professionals

Getting an AR coating can help a lot, for instance, if you’re a driver who experiences difficulty while being on the road at night. For example, high beam lights can often be discomforting remove any halos or circles formed around sources of light at night which means a comfortable viewing experience. This makes the driving experience more bearable at night. Furthermore, AR would also let you see better at night owing to increased light entering your lenses. The same also applies to pilots who require sharp visual acuity while flying jets.


Increased Confidence

At the end of the day, your eyewear speaks does more for you than you think. Getting AR coating on your favorite safety glasses will not only give you the optical clarity you want but also the added amount of confidence that comes from a boost in your overall appearance.

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