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5 Essential Makeup Tips, If You Want to Look Adorable with Your Eyewear

5 Essential Makeup Tips, If You Want to Look Adorable with Your Eyewear

It is commonly said that makeup has no rules and you can wear as you please. Makeup is an art that makes you confident and happy but also opens out your adorable side. No doubt, thousands of compliments make your spirit high. But there are some specific things that you must keep remembering before applying makeup if you wear RX safety glasses. Because there is no one who would not pull off the geek-chic appearance. Here are a few tips to remember if you are eye wearer.

  • Eye shadows:

Smokey eyes or dark shadows make your eyes lifeless. So better to go with light colors because they will brighten your eyes behind the eyeglasses.

  • Match eyeshadow with frame color:

It would be best for you if you don’t try any color on eyes. If you love to apply makeup on eyes, match slightly with your frame color. You can go with the same undertone of frame color and with this, you can achieve a lively and bright look. You can even access online prescription eyewear with appropriate frame color that can suit you.


  • How to apply mascara:

Generally, mascara on lower lashes can be a little tricky, particularly if you are eye wearer. Because frames cast a shadow under eye areas and make that place dark. In this case, dark bottom lashes can give you a drowsy look.

  • Don’t miss the eyebrows:

If you have thin eyebrows, fill with an eyebrow pencil that will break your appearance. Dark or thick eyebrows highlight your facial features more and make a strong appearance.

  • What about the base:

Many women focus on eye makeup and forget the most essential thing that is a base. It does not matter, whatever complexion you have, a perfect base is important while wearing branded safety eyewear. Hence, your eyeglasses emphasize your eyes and you have to concentrate on your eye makeup. If you want to protect your skin from the sun, try mix foundation with a highlighter to get a moist and sun-kissed skin. Apply these things very evenly that will give you glowing skin instantly.

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