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Aspheric Lenses vs Traditional Lenses

Aspheric Lenses vs Traditional Lenses

For strong prescription, traditional prescription safety glasses lens bulge forward from the frame and cause a bug-eyed look. On the other hand, aspheric lenses are slimmer, thinner, and lighter giving an unflattering look. Aspheric lenses can be used for all prescriptions but for stronger farsightedness prescriptions, they give a better view. These lenses give a higher level of correction for a strong prescription.


Comparison Between Aspheric and Traditional Lenses:

Conventional lenses have a spherical front surface which means they have the same curve on the entire surface of a lens like a baseball. Aspheric lenses have flatter curves than the branded safety glasses lens. This shape makes them slimmer and attractive shape. Their front surface is more intricate and gradually changes in curvature from the center of the lenses to the outer edge.

Generally, aspheric lenses are like higher index lenses and they have a higher index of refraction. It means how much light is refracted when entering to aspheric lenses. The higher index lenses have a greater ability to bend light rays. That’s why they provide a clear vision for those who have a stronger prescription.


Aspheric Lenses for Minus Prescription:

Lenses for nearsightedness or correct myopia, have an opposite shape than farsightedness. The lenses are shaped thinner in the center and thickest at the edge. The slimming effect is less in minus prescription. Thickness is less towards the edge of lenses than conventional lenses for myopia correction.


Additional Benefits:

  • Aspheric lenses are closer to the face.
  • The lenses in the frame give a slimmer and flattering profile.
  • People with stronger prescriptions must choose a wider frame.
  • They show the object size to the wearer larger and more natural.
  • They eliminate the undesired effects and give the wearer's eye a natural look.
  • These lenses are lighter and ideal for those who don’t want to wear heavy lens eyeglasses.

Considered Things for Aspheric Lenses:

If you are interested in investing in aspheric lens eyeglasses, 3m safety glasses can be a good choice. You can use these lenses for single and multi-vision as well. They can also make some other types of materials. However, there are some things to consider before buying eyeglasses with aspheric lenses.

  • Frame Selection:

For many reasons, frame selection is very important for aspheric lens eyeglasses. Because these lenses are perfect for those who have a stronger prescription. So, the frame should be not too large and the eyes should be in the middle of the frame opening. But with a too small frame, that will cut off the aspheric lenses. The measurement of these lenses needs extra care for accurate eyewear. You can get a 3m zt25 frame for aspheric lenses.

  • Additional Costs:

They are more expensive than traditional lenses due to their difficult cut. But they have some visual and cosmetic benefits 

Provision Rule for Aspheric Lenses:

Precision is everything when coming to well-designed aspheric lenses that have great visual benefits. But they become worse than traditional lenses if they have an incorrect fit. So, provision rules become essential for aspheric lenses. 

  • The measurement of aspheric lenses is difficult and needs a high level of skill and dexterity.
  • Don’t demand a hurry for the full process because exact measurement needs time. You can use a 3m pentax a2000 frame for all lens types at your workplace.
  • Take time for a correct prescription because you are paying high for these lenses. You will be more disappointed if the result is not good.
  • Due to the lens surface outward to the frame, these lenses need anti-reflect coating. 
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