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Best Rx Safety Glasses for Work & Home in 2024

Best Rx Safety Glasses for Work & Home in 2024

Eye Safety PPE makes an easy overlap between your job, recreational activity & any home chores in terms of protecting against hazardous threats that may prevail in your environment. There’s simply no compromise when it comes to protecting your eyes which should be done by the best possible gear that your money could buy. A single mishap could leave you devastated for life.


Accidents by the numbers

Eye injuries are more prevalent than the average person thinks. Although more common in industrial jobs, an unfortunate event can happen in almost any kind of job. This is backed up by numbers as well. As per the research carried out by the Vision Council of America, two thousand people become victims of eye injuries that could’ve been avoided by wearing eye protection PPE. This also applies to folks involved in doing DIY projects at home that expose any unprotected eye to threats such as projectiles, dust, fine sediments, or foreign objects.  


Choose from the best

It is always recommended to buy branded protective eyewear that offers the most value for your money. 3M safety glasses offer a wide range of products that are of high quality in terms of everything that a fully functional PPE could offer. In the same vein, some staple options are worth having a look into.


  • 3M ZT100

It checks all the right boxes of ideal eyewear suited for all-round usage. 3M ZT100 offers unmatched comfort, durability & the option to include prescription lenses. The frame comes with temple tips that are contoured nicely to provide a comfortable anchor that adds to the effectiveness of a nonslip grip.


3M lets you choose the option to choose side shields which act as a great protective overlay against any toxic splashes of liquid or sharp particles that could damage the unprotected eye. This is because of our instinct to turn our head away from the source of an accident which leaves our eyes exposed. Hence, side shields are a great plus.


  • Onguard 210

It comes in a classy wraparound shape that provides an enhanced peripheral view which makes you see better when performing any task. Not to mention that these frames are ANSI Z87.1 rated which offers the required level of safety assurance. Onguard 210 offers the best value for the price. The plastic frame offers a lightweight experience that doesn’t force you to take off your glasses at your job.


You could always go for the lens type which suits your needs most aptly. Among lens coatings, anti-scratch is popular due to its practical usage & benefits in terms of keeping away any small wear & tear marks that may occur over time. Additionally, if you work in hot, humid conditions that cause beclouded lenses, getting anti-fog coating is a no-brainer.


Overall, these glasses are an easy choice if you’re looking for something that offers the best bang for your buck. Nevertheless, eye protection is something that should be done with the best possible PPE.

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