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Changing Dynamics Amid COVID-19 & Role of Online Platforms

Changing Dynamics Amid COVID-19 & Role of Online Platforms

Whenever there comes an abrupt change in society, it brings a change in the dynamics of the world as well. New dynamics are introduced. New norms are built. New social and economic values take place the prior ones. The same is happening at the moment. The prevailing pandemic named COVID-19 has brought about the change that has taken the things to a whole different level. The entire face of the globe has undergone through the impact of the situation. The organizations are working in a whole new dimension. The businesses are running for survival. It isn’t the time when well-dressed professionals in 3M Safety Goggles are roaming for great business deals. The stocks all over the globe are facing the consequences of this situation.


All in all, it can be said that the entire globe has transformed into a whole different dimension. A dimension that is very rare in happening. The word hasn’t witnessed such a change in the wake of technological advancement. Amid all these things, there is an aspect that has witnessed a shift.  A shift that has an upwards inclination with each passing day. What is that aspect in the first place? Well, the concept of online facilitation has witnessed an upward inclination. Businesses all across the world are ensuring the continuity of their business via online platforms. The organization, regardless of their magnitude, are keeping up with the operations via these online platforms these days due to the prevailing situation. Things are turning out to be very interesting amid this crisis. Here is a list of all dimensions facing the consequences of this abrupt change.

An Era of Social Distancing

The pandemic has taken a severe shift in many countries. They are facing humanitarian, social and economic loss. Above the social implications on the minds is above all. What took things this far by the way? Well, the virus originated from China. Within days, it spread out throughout the globe. The source of this abrupt spread of the virus was social interaction. Yes, that was the key source of spread. To contain the spread, the notion of social distancing has become one of the most anticipated approaches in this regard. People are once again isolated. Social distancing has increased the role of technology. People have to work from their homes. They have to continue the operations of their business. They have to ensure their operations in the best way possible. That’s the reason people are working online these days. They are working from their homes in order to maintain the element of social distancing as well.

Business Paradigms

Business is facing an abrupt shift in their policy. They are facing an abrupt change in the eventualities of their operations. In order to avoid the severity of the consequences, they are bound to take the necessary measures. The measures that are necessary for their survival. They are harnessing the technology in their operations. They are using the technology at best in order to resume the operations that are facing a halt for a very long time. The paradigms in the world of business are changing very rapidly. The greater business deals have been either postponed or canceled due to the prevailing situation. The business awards have either been canceled or postponed. There no sense of competence in the market. There is only a sense of survival amongst the businesses. That’s how the pandemic has changed the paradigms in the world.

The Concept of WFH.

There is always a way in order to keep things going. The same is happening right now. People are taking keeping things going the way they were getting along with back in time. The only difference is that they are doing so by sitting in the balconies and drawing rooms of their homes. They are no longer sitting in a fully furnished and professionally enriched office. It may sound odd, but yes, that’s the very prevailing situation at the time. People are fulfilling their responsibilities from their homes. They are continuing the operations of their business from their homes. It can be witnessed that the economies are running at the moment at WFH-Mode throughout the globe. Because the masses have to maintain social distancing as well. That’s how they can ensure the health of their own and the health of their families.

Enhancing the Efficacy of Online Ventures

The Element of Work from Home has no meaning without technological inclusion. If people aren’t using tools and applications, they aren’t able to work from home. It is mandatory to get along with the technology as well in order to maintain things the way they are. More of facilitation that is. People no longer need to bother for late replies. People no longer need to wait for group discussions. People no longer need to maintain effective communication the way they used to maintain in the days of offices. Today, they need professional tools. Today they need professional applications. Surprisingly, everything is available at the moment. Humanity has taken the things this far that they can survive the element of social distancing in the best way possible. The importance of online ventures has increased manifolds. The online ventures are all in all today to keep things the way they were before the pandemic prevailed all over the globe.

Various Dimensions

The usage of technology isn’t confined to businesses or organizations. There are a lot of other dimensions that are taking the best out of this prevailing situation. People are utilizing their spare time very productively. They are learning new skills. They are learning all these things while sitting in their homes. They decorating the portfolios of their professional expertise by utilizing the platforms at best. Online shopping is also on the top of the list. People can buy their favorite dresses, accessories, and glasses from online platforms. They can buy online food and grocery items as well while maintaining the social distancing. Similarly, educational institutions are doing their efforts to resume the classes. They are also taking help from online platforms. The concept of e-learning is prevailing to contain the possible educational loss to the students. Technology is serving all the dimensions in the best way possible.

The Element of Economic Constructs

The economies are very vulnerable when it comes to the global crisis. Because the economies are connected with each other. The globalization has taken the things quite far to the node where there is no turning back.  The economies are also facing the consequences of this crisis. They have become very volatile. They have become very loss-oriented. Because the stocks all over the globe are witnessing a passive notion in their operations. they aren’t working up to their might. That’s the reason the economies all over the globe are undergoing the consequences of this prevailing situation. The hope is the only solution at the moment. The hope to make things better. They hope to take the measures to contain the pandemic effectively. They hope to resume the humanity at its full might once again where it can flourish at best.

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