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A Guide to Expertly Clean Your Prescription Glasses

A Guide to Expertly Clean Your Prescription Glasses

People who wear prescription safety glasses know it can be annoying when they get dirty. No one wants to wear glasses that do not give them a clear vision. Therefore, it is a must that people keep cleaning their glasses. However, one thing to notice is that when you scrub your glasses with a towel or a tissue, the dirt still remains as well as the bacteria. Though it does clear out the hand and finger marks from the lens, it still beings discomfort when you wear them.

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There are thousands of different ways how you can clean your prescription safety glasses. Some use the traditional method of using a cloth or a tissue and some go as far as washing their glasses with soap. However, there is still no best and easy way to wipe the dirt off your glasses. In fact, some people don’t even get bothered by all the hand marks and germs on their glasses. However, this is unethical because you should clean your glasses often so that the germs stuck on them do not get to your eye.

How do Bacteria Accumulate in Glasses?

The positive side of not cleaning your glasses is that you won’t have to get up and waste your energy. However, the negative side of this is hard to resist. There are germs that keep building on your glasses and this not only affects the eyes but the nose as well. Not many take the risk very seriously but eye infection is one of the worst. That is because eyes are very sensitive and anything that irritates them, there is a chance of going blind. It is important to keep good hygiene and keep your glasses clean.

No matter what you do, you should always clean your glasses and ensure that you are getting rid of all the bacteria. There are some ways how bacteria can take over your glasses. The first way is by the material of your frame. It does not matter if your glasses are made from metal or plastic, bacteria will always be there in different forms. Moreover, there are numerous places that you visit and once you step outside your home, the environment is filled with dust. This accumulates on your frame in crevices which adds to more bacteria.

The Tools you need to Clean Your Glasses

To see a sharp world, you will need to have the tools that get rid of bacteria and dirt. For those who think that cleaning glasses takes a long time, that is false when you have the right set of tools. It takes less than 5 minutes or just some seconds to make your glasses sparkle again. The only 2 tools you will need are,

The Microfiber Cloth: Comes with your glasses when you purchase them. You can use this to normally clean your glasses. It gets rid of the smearing on your glasses. It also does not scratch your glasse.

Cleaning Solution: There are numerous sprays that are made to clean glasses. This is one of the best things you will buy because it gets rid of all the dirt, bacteria as well as other smudges on your glasses. When you are going to buy these, ensure that the spray is safe for polycarbonate lenses. Most of the sprays will be suitable but if you know about your glasses and the type of lens best, then use a specific spray made for that only. Moreover, if you do not want to buy a spray then you can use a bar of lotion-free dish soap as well.

The Step by Step Instructions to Make your Lenses Crystal Clear

Alert: Don’t Use Lotion-free dish soap alone:

If you are going to be using a lotion-free dish soap then make sure that you are not using the one that will create lines on the lenses. They will then dry up and those lines will be visible and you will still not be able to see clearly.

Use Lotion-free Dish Soap with warm water:

To ensure, the above does not happen, you can mix the dish soap with a bit of warm water. The first thing you will need to do is wash your hands. This is so that you are not transferring the germs that are there on your hands to your glasses.

You will then have to run your glasses under warm water so that it has a wet surface. This will ensure that your lenses do not get scratched while you are cleaning them. If you have distilled water then that is best to use. Next, you should clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth and then spray your glasses on both sides using the spray. If you are using dish soap, then you can put some on the glasses. Next, you should gently rub the surface and then rinse if you used dish soap. Lastly, you can then dry your glasses by keeping them away for a while. You can shake them as well to get rid of the extra water.

Consider the Frame while Cleaning Glasses Too

A lot of people forget that a frame is made up of different elements and all of them need to be cleaned up. People think that cleaning the lens will make the entire frame clean as well but that is not the case. You will need to clean your frame separately with caution as well to ensure that your prescription glasses are germs-free. There are a ton of different screws that are built in a frame and they also include hinges. These are mainly made of metal. Metal is prone to having the most bacteria and over time, it also starts to change color which indicates that it's time to change glasses.

Cleaning the frame is also important because that is what people touch the most. Whenever you wear or take off your glasses, you will touch them from the side arms. Moreover, when other people are also taking a look at your glasses, then they will hold them from the side arms. Hence, there is a ton of bacteria that is going to be accumulated there. Hence, it is important that you clean all the different sides of the frame and also the nose pads.

How to Make your Frame look Brand New

You can use the same technique for cleaning your lenses to clean the frame as well. You should always run your frame under warm water so that there are no scratches. Moreover, you should use mild soap or lotion-free dish soap to clean your frame. You can apply a generous amount to your fingertips and then rub them together to create some bubbles. Then, you will clean your frame remembering to clean the hinges, the nose pad as well as all the screws that are placed. If you have rubbing alcohol then that will be best to clean the nose pads as well as the earpieces of your frame. After that, you can let your frame dry and you are done.

There are numerous people who tend to use paper towels to clean their Prescription safety glassesThis is one of those materials that will cause scratches and also create even more smudges. People also tend to clean their glasses with their shirts or any other fabric. This is also something that is wrong and should be avoided. It is best if you use the microfiber cloth that comes with it. That is because the material of it is soft and different from a typical paper towel of some other fabric. They do not clean your lenses but, they add scratches instead.

Things you should Avoid Cleaning your Glasses with

People use different materials to clean their glasses and do not realize the damage that is being done to them. Therefore, here is something that you should not use when it comes to cleaning your glasses. The first and foremost thing is,

Acetone: Acetone is a liquid that is used to remove nail polish. People might think that it is a good idea to use it because if it gets rid of nail polish, it might get rid of the dirt and germs on the glasses as well. However, this is false. These do not clean but destroy your lenses and frames because of the strong chemicals in them.

Another thing that people do is,

Fog Up Their Lenses: Using their breath and then clean them. Some also use saliva. This is not going to make anything better because if you have a smudge on your glasses then this will add to that. It will not clear your lenses in any way. It will instead make your lens look worse and you will not be able to see clearly as well. Therefore, try to refrain from using all different sorts of things. Instead, keep a microfiber cloth and use it whenever your lenses or glasses are dirty. This is the best way to do so.

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