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How Do You Keep Safety Glasses From Scratching?

How Do You Keep Safety Glasses From Scratching?


Safety eyewear is used to deliver protection to the eyes from foreign particles or liquid splatter. It is used in factories, home improvement projects, and in sports activities like swimming, hiking, skiing, or diving, etc. The frame and lenses are made shatter resistance of safety goggles than regular glasses. The debris and dirt that get stuck should remove accurately to prevent them from scratching. If your specs get scratches on the surface of lenses, you might receive blur vision. The collected dirt can cause irritation or infection into eyes. Therefore, the cleaning process is a very important factor to keep goggles scratch free.


How to Clean Safety Goggles?


Before cleaning, keep ensuring there should be no streaks or scratches on the lenses. There are two effective ways to keep clean your RX safety glasses but two of them are very effective.


  1. Liquid glass cleaner:


First of all, loosely bound dust particles should blow out from your breath from the lenses. Because larger particles cause scratches while cleaning them. After cleaning of larger particles, spray this liquid on the lenses and frames. After spreading liquid, clean this liquid with a disposable cloth or microfiber cloth. These fabrics prevent from scratching.


  1. Alcohol wipe:


Alcohol wipe also widely used for cleaning. Rub the alcohol wipe in circular position on lenses and frame. You should clean the outer and inner layer of lenses because dirt particles accumulate in the inner side and cause of scratches. 

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