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How to Care for Common Eye Problems as You Age

How to Care for Common Eye Problems as You Age

It’s quite normal to experience age-related eye problems over time. Aging induces a natural effect on our eyes which causes them to deteriorate over time. However, taking simple precautions can ensure longevity & healthy eyes depending on the vision you were originally born with.

Eye Problems Caused by Aging

Don’t be surprised if you experience the following vision problems. They become more prevalent as you age and are more commonly found among people in their 40s & above:


  • Long-sightedness

Most people can’t see objects clearly at a closer distance. This is largely due to the decrease in flexibility of the lens to shift focus at varying points. For example, if you find it hard to read the fine print on manuals during work, you could always take care of it by wearing bifocal 3m safety glasses that give you the best visual acuity & ANSI-rated protection.


  • Eye Strain from Dry Eyes

Due to the increased use of screens in our daily work, it is not uncommon to experience digital eye strain. Infrequent blinking causes your eyes to dry out which causes eye strain. This becomes more common as you age because of the decrease in the fluid that your eyes can produce.


  • Cataracts

This is when a cloud appears in front of your lens making your vision blurry and almost fully impaired in some cases. It happens when a certain level of light is blocked from entering your eyes which causes the impairment. One could always take certain precautions such as protecting your eyes by wearing a reliable eye accessory when stepping out in the sun. Wiley X Safety Glasses are a good example of eyewear that promises 100% protection against UV A & B types of rays with added shatterproof safety.


  • Conjunctivitis

Quite common among people working in hazardous environments containing irritant smoke, dust, or any other toxic fumes. It’s always apt to wear some sort of eye protection PPE especially if you’re already working in such workplaces. Industrial workers would find it best to wear OTG eyewear such as safety goggles that one could easily wear while keeping their prescription glasses on.


Keeping A Check on Long-Term Illnesses

To prevent any eye illness aggravation, you should consider having a regular eye examination from a certified optometrist. An eye examination every two years must be done to make sure any forming diseases can be preemptively caught in the earliest stages of development. Furthermore, wearing a branded pair of RX safety glasses is applicable due to the versatility they offer in terms of usage.

Moreover, if your lineage carries a certain illness such as diabetes, it could surely affect your vision as you age. For instance, blurry vision is one of the earliest symptoms of diabetic eye illness due to any fluid leaking into your eyes. Over time, unattended leakage can worsen the shape of your lens. 

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