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How To Get Prescription Lenses Put Into My Sunglasses?

How To Get Prescription Lenses Put Into My Sunglasses?

It's difficult to find the ideal pair of sunglasses, so when you do, you'll undoubtedly enjoy wearing them whenever you can. And who wouldn't? Sunglasses are essential for maintaining the health and safety of your eyes besides being the finishing touch to any outfit. However, finding the ideal pair of sunglasses and having an eyeglass prescription might be particularly difficult.

Choosing a random pair of sunglasses whenever and whenever isn't exactly up to it. Although they may seem fantastic, the lack of a prescription and darker lenses make it nearly hard to see, which completely negates the point. Prescription lens placement in sunglasses is easy at Eyeweb, so besides looking fantastic and shielding the eyes from ultraviolet rays, you'll see a clear view.

Why Would You Need Prescription Lenses for Sunglasses?

Besides being distracting, sunlight, glare, and the UV rays that make up its beams can seriously hurt your eyes. While you can purchase prescription-fit over-style sunglasses or use contacts with regular sunglasses, these solutions might not be suitable for everyone. Whether it comes down to comfort or style. And prescription sunglasses that are manufactured specifically for you? 

Naturally, some sunglasses with prescription lenses are created from the ground up and can be highly costly. Let's take the example of a well-loved pair of sunglasses that you've owned for a while.

You may consider getting the lenses replaced with ones that are appropriate for your prescription, even if they are just really expensive and you are not ready to give up them but still want to use them.

There are several reasons why getting a regular pair of sunglasses with prescription lenses fitted might be the better choice for you. Is it feasible to do this? Prescription lenses can be placed into any type of sunglasses, and the most straightforward solution to this issue is that they can. However, there are a few key considerations you should make before you run out and get a pair.

You Must Handle the Frames With Care

It matters what kind of sunglasses frames you want to be fitted with prescription lenses. Not every frame may be simply modified to accommodate prescription lenses. The main advantage is that there are two independent lenses instead of one large lens covering both eyes. For example, it is difficult to replace the basic lenses in sunglasses models such as these well-liked and fashionable Wiley X frames with prescription lenses. But prescription lenses are easily placed into classic sunglasses frames, like Tom Ford Wayfarer and Aviator models.

Tom Ford Glasses

New Technology Creates More Opportunities

Even though we mentioned to you that changing the lenses in some sunglasses can be challenging, particularly those with a single lens as opposed to two separate ones, you still have choices. Therefore, if the sunglasses you wish to purchase prescription lenses for have this type of frame, all is not lost.

Modern technology that Eyeweb possesses, makes it possible to produce lenses for even the most complicated glasses, such as those that need a fully molded and shaped lens. Thus, the possibilities are endless while using this editing equipment. Even though it can be more expensive, you won't have to spend as much money on a brand-new pair of prescription eyewear.

Consider the Frame's Quality Individually

So, sure, almost any pair of shades can have prescription lenses added to them. Does that imply that you should treat every pair of sunglasses in this way? Make sure the sunnies frames you choose to get prescription lenses fitted to are of good quality if you plan to wear them frequently. The technique may degrade lower-quality frames that are subsequently tampered with and altered to fit prescription lenses. It might have an impact on their robustness and longevity.

Consider Who Will Install the New Lenses

Consideration should be given to both the location and the person fitting the lenses, in addition to whether it makes sense to have prescription lenses placed in your present frames given their quality. You shouldn't try to complete this task on your own. Even though you might want to cut costs, this is not a thing you can accomplish on your own, and you should stay away from companies that charge incredibly low prices for this kind of service.

What Are the Advantages of Replacing Old Sunglasses with Prescription Lenses?

Fitting corrective lenses into your current eyewear has several advantages.

  • Convenience: Enjoy good eyesight and sun protection at the same time; there's no requirement to invest in contacts before wearing Rx sunglasses.
  • Economical: Compared to purchasing a new set of prescription sunglasses, it's frequently less expensive. You can save money by adding corrective lenses to the sunnies you already adore!
  • Preserve Personal Style: Whether they hold special meaning for you or just happen to look amazing on you, hang onto your best pair.
  • UV Protection: Besides maintaining clarity, make sure your eyes are protected from damaging UV rays to prevent future problems like macular degeneration.
  • Quality Assurance: Prescription lenses fit into your favorite sunglasses in a way that perfectly balances affordability, functionality, and style.

Is it Feasible to Fit Sunglasses with Prescription Lenses?

The look and feel of the frame determine whether or not it is feasible to swap the lenses in sunglasses. For example, some plastic frames may deteriorate with time and may not be able to withstand the pressure of having bespoke lenses fitted. Furthermore, some wireframes may not have the fittings needed for holding these lenses.

There may also be issues with the curvature of the frame, particularly if it is excessively bent. It's wise to speak with an optometrist at all times. They can determine whether your sunglasses are suitable for corrective lenses and assist in converting your shades into corrective eyewear. If not, they might recommend comparable frames that complement your taste.

All Eyeweb prescription sunglasses are made to last and fit prescription lenses; however, your optician will examine your frames to determine whether they need to be adjusted or whether a new set is necessary.

What Kinds of Sunglasses Frames Are Suitable for Prescription Sunglasses?

It's good to know that many sunglasses may be transformed into prescription sunglasses if you need them but don't want to give up style. The form and style of the frame are significant aspects to take into account when assessing compatibility with different prescription lenses. The following lists the various kinds of sunnies frames that can be fitted with corrective lenses, besides the benefits and drawbacks of each kind.

Full Rim Frames:

  • Advantages: Full-rim frames provide strong lens support and work with most kinds of prescription lenses.
  • Cons: Some full-rim frames might not fit prescription lenses because they are too big.

Full Rim Frame Prato RY2207

Semi-Rimless Frames:

  • Advantages: Semi-rimless frames fit most prescription lens types and have a more understated appearance.
  • Cons: Because there is no full-frame, the lenses could be more vulnerable to breakage and they might not be as durable as full-rim frames.

Semi-rimless frame Prato 88025

Aviator frames:

  • Advantages: These Aviator eyeglasses offer a variety of prescription lens selections and have a timeless, classic style.
  • Cons: Certain aviator glasses could need unique lenses due to their curved designs.

Aviator Eyeglasses Trivoli 5012

Wayfarer Frames:

  • Advantages: Wayfarer frames work with most kinds of prescription lenses.
  • Cons: Some people prefer aviators because they feel that the wider acetate frames obstruct their field of vision.

Wayfarer frame Prato 9153

Avoid These Sunglasses Frames If You Need Prescription Lenses

Although many sunglasses’ frames may be modified to accommodate prescription lenses, there may be difficulties with particular types. Especially:

  • Round-shaped sunglasses: For people with strong prescriptions, these sunglasses may not be the best option because of their unique curved design. A "fishbowl" aberration may result from their shape, particularly when using bigger lenses.
  • Non-regular sunglasses: Sunglasses frames with two different lens shapes or sizes frequently don't work well with prescription requirements. It is difficult to create two unique lenses that provide the appropriate vision correction.

The process is complicated, especially for people with high prescriptions, although these frames may occasionally be customized for prescription needs. To guarantee a perfect fit, always visit an optometrist.

How Prescription Lenses Are Placed in Sunglasses?

It's easy to put prescription lenses in sunglasses; just follow a few easy steps to finish the process. Here's a detailed explanation of getting prescription lenses placed in sunglasses:

  • Schedule an eye checkup: Setting up an eye checkup with a qualified eye care specialist is the first step. Your eyesight will be tested and your prescription will be determined by the eye specialist during the exam.
  • Select the frames for your sunglasses: You can select the frames for your sunglasses once you get your prescription. You have two options for choosing sunglasses frames: pick out a new pair or use your current ones.
  • Decide on your lenses: Prescription lenses come in a variety of forms, including single-vision, progressive or multifocal, and transition lenses. With the help of your eye care specialist, you can decide which lenses best suit your needs by going over your alternatives.
  • Choose your new Rx sunglasses: After your lenses are prepared, you can visit your optician for a last fitting and choose your new Kate Spade prescription sunglasses.

Generally, purchasing corrective lenses in sunglasses requires scheduling an eye exam, selecting your frame and lens options, and then waiting for the lenses to be manufactured. You can benefit from clear vision and sun protection with your freshly purchased prescription sunglasses with the support of an eye care specialist.

Kate Spade Visalia/G/S Sunglasses

How Much Do Prescription Sunglasses Typically Cost?

With prescription sunglasses, you can shield your eyes from the sun's rays without sacrificing sharp vision. However, what is the price of prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses often cost between $150 and $500, according to surveys. Why the hundreds of dollars in difference? The price of the lens and frame of prescription sunglasses (rx sunglasses) is determined by many factors.

For instance, the cost of your Nike prescription sunglasses will increase with the level of customization you add to the frames or lenses.



Let's examine a few of the variables influencing the price of prescription sunglasses:

What Is The Cost Of The Frames?

Prescription lenses can be inserted into practically any form, and eyewear frames nowadays are available in a wide variety of shapes.

The following factors affect how much sunglasses frames cost:

  • Brand: Certain brand names have greater influence over consumers. Longer-standing and more customer-satisfied brands are generally more trustworthy. The addition of lines enhances the aura of luxury brands' Guess sunglasses. You'll pay a price for that durability, brand loyalty, and sense of elegance.
  • Popularity: Some fashionable sunglass frame designs, like the ones you see on Instagram, are particularly in demand. Celebrity sunglasses, like those of Rihanna, cause more buss. Designer, stylish, and well-liked sunglasses are nearly always more expensive.
  • Size: Adults need more materials because their frames are bigger than children's. The cost of sunglasses increases with the amount of metal, plastic, or any frame material used.
  • Material: Another factor that affects price is the substance of the frames. Except in cases where a particular design of plastic frame has gained significant popularity, plastic frames are typically more affordable than metal frames. Additionally, unusual frame materials will cost more.

Guess GU7817 Sunglasses 

What Is The Cost Of The Lenses?

You can personalize sunglasses lenses just as much as frames, if not more, based on your eyesight requirements and the strength of your prescription. Prescription sunglasses can become more expensive for several reasons, including:

  • Tint: The tint of the sunglasses may affect the cost. Blue light is normally better filtered by sunglasses with yellow or orange tints; this extra feature can affect demand and cost.
  • Lens material: Your sunglasses' lenses may do so much more than just provide a screen that blocks out the light from the outside world. They come in aspheric, polarized, and all other shapes and sizes. There are more expensive lens alternatives among these.
  • UV Protection: The longer you are exposed to sunlight you have, the greater the risk of UV radiation damage to your eyes. The UV protection level of your sunglasses may affect their price, but if you understand where to look, you can discover affordable pairs that offer UV 400 protection.
  • Lens Treatments: The cheaply made sunglasses at your neighborhood stores are because of their lack of durability. You will pay extra for sunglasses with polarized, anti-glare, or scratch-resistant lens treatments.

Where Can Your Sunglasses Have Prescription Lenses Added?

There are multiple ways to have your sunglasses fitted with prescription lenses. Visiting an optical store or an optometrist that specializes in eyewear. Besides having a large assortment of frames and prescription lenses, many of these vendors can assist you in selecting the finest options for your requirements. Additionally, they can decide whether you can fit a prescription lens into your current pair of sunglasses. 

Using online vendors who sell prescription lenses is an additional choice. Despite its widespread appeal, this choice is less valuable because you won't likely utilize an existing lens and might not receive the helpful information required to choose the ideal frames for your lifestyle. To make sure you receive the best service and are worth your money, it's critical to look into and assess several services.

Why Select Eyeweb for Prescription Lens Fitting of Your Sunglasses?

Considering the aforementioned, you want to choose a business such as Eyeweb to take care of all the modifications to your sunglasses. Should you opt for our options, you will have to mail us your current frames for sunglasses, and we will properly fit them before returning them to you. It is that easy.

Almost every pair of sunglasses frames we provide in our online store can also be customized with prescription lenses.

When choosing the frames and other details for your shades at the time of purchase, this can be readily accomplished. You just need to pay for them, fill out the relevant order data, and then relax and wait. That's all there is to it.

We hope that our explanation of the topic, "How to get prescription lenses put into my sunglasses?" was sufficient. It is feasible, but as we've shown, there are a lot of things to take into account. Depending on your preferences and situation, you should decide what is best for you, whether that means making repairs to an old pair or purchasing a brand-new pair.

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