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Improve Your Night Vision With This Lens Coating

Improve Your Night Vision With This Lens Coating

Driving at night is probably quite irksome for especially those who wear prescription glasses for the sake of vision correction. This can be caused by a number of problems such as vision in low light (commonly known as night blindness) or glare (when the light gets reflected on the back of the eyewear’s lens). However, there lies a solution. Contemporary standards have allowed manufacturers to come with inventive ways to improve eyewear that would aid people to see better at night. Even if you’re someone who wears prescription safety glasses while working at night, you’d probably benefit by getting an additional add-on for your lenses to see better. In the same vein, this article will help you get your feet wet in the first steps towards getting an AR coating in your eyewear.


So How Does AR Coating Help?

Glasses often come with a certain type of lens coating known as AR (Anti-reflective) that helps reduce glare. Glare can cause momentary blindness which causes the driver to squint thus reducing the amount of light to enter your eyewear. For instance, headlights during the night of oncoming cars can cause halos or circles to develop around the source of light which can cause vision disruption. Reduced vision at night can easily lead to a devastating accident which is why you might want to give 3m safety glasses a try. Nevertheless, getting an AR coating can help a lot in terms of improving your overall visual experience.


Increased Vision

Glare can be reduced by getting anti-reflective coating which essentially removes any reflection occurring at the surface of your lenses. Also, glasses can inhibit your vision by blocking out the light that is already so scarce during the dark. AR coating will ensure enough light enters your eyes for an adequate vision. It does that by allowing more light to enter through the lenses which helps a lot in your ability to see better at night.


Reduced Replacement Cost

Just like anti-scratch coating in Wiley X Safety Glasses, AR coating also helps in enhancing the shelf life of your eyewear. Doing so also reduces the replacement cost for you which makes it a pretty good investment. Hence, it makes sense to add a couple of add-ons to your eyewear which makes.


Reduced Eye Strain

AR allows more light to pass through the lenses which makes your eyes work less hard during the night. This results in a much less eye strain for a comfortable view throughout your journey. Furthermore, you don’t want to be wearing polarized or tinted lenses when driving at night because they further reduce the amount of light that is supposed to let you see clearly.


Helps You Take Great Pictures!

Apart from functional benefits, AR coating also helps in enjoying a more aesthetic appearance, by removing the block of light forming on the surface lens which allows you to take pictures without that annoying glare. Feel free to explore a fancy looking safety eyewear as Wiley X Epic. On the whole, AR coating will get you started on taking some amazing selfies during your journey in no time.

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