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Solve Your Vision Problems With Branded Rx Safety Glasses

Solve Your Vision Problems With Branded Rx Safety Glasses

You can experience the best of what branded safety eyeglasses have to offer by adding vision corrective lenses in them. A PPE doesn’t only have the sole purpose of keeping your eyes protected. It should also allow you to see better to perform effectively at work & prevent any discomfort to your eye which can cause injuries as a result of taking off your eyewear. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, thousand injuries occur every day at work. The very research found that forty percent of eye injuries occur as a result of workers not wearing the appropriate PPE that was enough to protect their eyes.


Your One Size Fits All Solution

Eye experts believe that eye injuries can be reduced by a great margin just by wearing what lets you see better & offer adequate safety assurance. Top brands, which include 3m safety glasses, allow you to easily add prescription lenses. With the help of polycarbonate lenses, users enjoy shatterproof protection with the help of ANSI Z87.1 rating.


You certainly don’t want to carry two or more pairs of eyeglasses just to see clearly on your job. Moreover, switching between different pair of glasses can often put your eyes at risk of getting hurt due to hazards which can cause blunt force trauma. This is why safety eyewear gives you the best of everything with regards to eye protection & superior visual experience.  


Improve Your Vision with Lens Add-Ons

You could even go for different styles, lens tints & lens coatings that will improve your overall optical experience. For instance, you’ll be needing anti-scratch coating in most cases because of polycarbonate lenses in protective eyeglasses. This is because polycarbonate material is prone to get scratched easily which is exactly why getting anti-scratch coating is a good idea. Another important coating is the AR (anti-reflective) coating that Wiley X Safety glasses come with. The very solution helps more light enter through the lens thus causing your eyes to work less hard to see clearly. It helps in blocking the blue light that our eyes are exposed to every single day from gadgets & allowing you to see better in low light conditions such as when driving. Another great option is the anti-fog coating that comes in Wiley X Saint that helps in preventing fogged lenses as a result of temperature differences between the lens surface & the environment.


Wearing Prescription Glasses with OTG

For those who wish to keep their prescription glasses, wearing an OTG (over-the-glass) eyewear over your glasses can be done, provided that the additional PPE you’re wearing has an anti-fog coating that would prevent any clouding of lenses in very hot or cold temperatures. OTG is a good option for those who think that getting proper safety eyewear doesn’t fit their budget. Moreover, it can be worn by different employees with no restrictions as with prescription lenses. Overall, this is the safest option if you’re okay wearing an external overlay that doesn’t fog or cause discomfort to your eyes.

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