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Tips To Sanitize Your Rx Safety Glasses

Tips To Sanitize Your Rx Safety Glasses

A huge number of people, employed in industrial jobs, wear safety glasses every day as a staple PPE to keep their eyes safe. However, without a thorough maintenance regular basis, there are chances that you may become affected by bacteria by way of using your coworker’s unclean eyewear. Your own eyewear needs to be clean most times to be used effectively without the hassle of taking them off & cleaning it during your shift. Doing so can put your eyes at the risk of getting hurt as a result of any hazard such as foreign objects or projectiles that can cause physical trauma. Moreover, dirty glasses can cause conjunctivitis & other corneal infections that clearly you don’t want to


To help you learn more about how to disinfect your prescription safety glasses, the following contains a bunch of tips that will ensure that your eyewear stays in pristine condition for as long as possible.


Blow Off Any Dirt or Debris

You can do this whenever you come home or are signing off from work at your premises. In order to clean debris sticking on your glasses, you might want to clean it by wiping it with a cloth. In some cases, using a blower can be a suitable choice for cleaning the dust that resides between any small gaps or spaces in your eye protection PPE. Keeping your glasses debris-free would only increase the shelf life of your glasses.


Rinse With Water

It could be as easy as washing your eyewear with water running from a faucet in your kitchen. Even if you own branded safety eyewear as 3m safety glasses, you need to take ample care of your eyewear’s hygiene. This would help remove clusters of dirt that often get stuck on your glasses. Lukewarm water often works best here to remove dirt & grime from your glasses.


Store In A Dry Place

Coming home tired and putting your glasses at random places can be both harmful to your eyewear and any infants in your home. If you have children, chances are they are likely to chew, bite, play or fiddle with anything that you have an association with such as your PPE. If your eyewear is unclean at the time, this could lead to the transmission of bacteria to your child which is something to be avoided.


Moreover, before you put your glasses in a case, ensure that you clean it properly in order to avoid contaminating the interior part of it. You can even put your safety goggles in a pouch to keep them away from any small child’s reach.


Avoid Putting Your Frames Lens Down

This could put scratches or small abrasive marks on the lenses over time. Hence, to avoid premature degradation, always put your glasses frame first. On the other hand, getting a lens to add on such as anti-scratch coating will help a lot in preventing scratches.


Always Use Microfiber Cloth

What you shouldn’t do is cleaning your glasses with towels or any random cloth lying around in your house. Always stick to using microfiber cloth as the bristles is very fine with the capacity to pick up particles without causing scratches on the lens surface.

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