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Top Quality ANSI Certified Prescription Safety Glasses

Top Quality ANSI Certified Prescription Safety Glasses

You are supposed to work in some areas that carry a high risk of eye injuries, ha times you need top-quality prescription safety glasses for your eyes protection. ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) supervises the quality standards for various kinds of safety glasses. In the market, the best standard for eye and face protection is ANSI Z87.1. Below here is the list of ANSI-certified prescription safety glasses that you can 100% rely on these protective eyeglasses and use for any work-related danger.


Wiley x Valor:

Wiley X Valor provides you supreme protection with the stylish and sleek look of traditional sunglasses. With these Wiley X safety glasses, you don’t need to sacrifice style, even if you are busy in a construction site or lab for the whole day. This safety eyewear brings a serious style by not sacrificing substance and they are perfect for playing soccer, baseball, or any other sport. Where you need serious protection against any injury and UV rays, such safety eyewear is essential for an eyes shield.

Key Features:

  • ANSI Z87.1 rated
  • Offer great UVA and UVB protection
  • Distortion-free of lens clarity
  • Lenses are scratch-resistant with T-shell coating that resists damaging your glasses in the toughest environments
  • The well-fitted nose bridge and temples without considering any facial shape
  • Protective storage cases for keeping your RX safety glasses secure when you are not using
  • Microfiber piece of cloth for keeping the lens clean and shiny

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Pentax 3M ZT200:

3M is a classic and very popular brand due to its supreme high standard of great performance. The brand's Pentax safety glasses boast leading optical technology so that you can work with great confidence. 3MZT200 safety specs are available in a variety of designs and styles that just suit your needs and performances.

Key Features:

  • Available in green/black color
  • Integrated side shields that protect your eyes from all angles
  • ANSI Z87.1 certified
  • The plastic body that makes them lightweight and comfortable
  • A customizing option is available in lenses including anti-fog coating, bifocals, progressive, grey or brown tinting
  • High visibility in low-light conditions
  • Well fits and has great functions for even computer work as well

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Hudson DG101:

Hudson DG101 is the best prescription glasses for any work criteria that users don’t resist for their top performance and even high price point. The unisex shape and Z87-certified ANSI Hudson safety glasses are rectangular and the wraparound design provides excellent safety to eyes from any direction. The frame foam cushion offers supreme comfort from moisture absorption. The frame's entire rim is coated with plastic that protects the eyes against radiation, high-velocity impact, chemical exposure, etc.

Key Feature:

  • Available in colors green, purple, and yellow with a black outer frame structure
  • Full-rim plastic body
  • Customize this piece of Titmus brand with lenses for any prescription
  • The frame is compatible with high index and progressive lenses means utilizing this eyewear for different vision zones like reading and distance
  • Greatly recommended for manual laborers and construction workers
  • These specs can be used for various sports and other activities like shooting and yard work
  • Anti-scratch coating is already available
  • Microfiber cloth for cleaning the prescription eyewear
  • A protective case is included

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OnGuard 220S:

The OnGuard 220S is one of the most stylish designer prescription glasses that you’ll ever find by chance. You can get six different two-tone designs and we bet this design will turn your head. Anyone can get designer OnGuard glasses online through any web store. They are available for all prescription lenses so don’t compromise on the latest style for any prescription.

Key Features:

  • Full-rim acetate plastic body
  • Available for all prescriptions ranging from single to high index and progressive lenses
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and offer splash protection
  • Select any tint for making them sunglasses
  • For high-quality prescription eyewear, your possible choice should be OnGuard 220S

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